Get your TV Free on iTunes

One of the nerdiest things this TV Addict likes to do each and every Tuesday morning is check out what’s new and exciting in the world of iTunes television. This morning offers up a plethora of excitement, starting off with the best new show from last season.

Season one of DEXTER is now available on iTunes, as well as the underrated and under-watched first season of BROTHERHOOD. Also thanks to SHOWTIME, you can catch up with television’s hottest mom — Mary-Louise Parker — by checking out the second season of WEEDS prior the the third season premiere this coming August.

Too cheap to spend $1.99? How does FREE TV sound? ABC Family is offering up the first episode of their new drama GREEK Is college really a rush? Download and find out.

Finally, if you have the stomach for it, Paula Abdul’s reality show HEY PAULA is currently free on iTunes. Does anyone else think that ‘free’ isn’t good enough? How about Bravo pay us to watch.

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  • ajdmacc

    A fellow Canadian asks: How do you get these shows TVaddict? Do you have an insider that lets you use the US itunes store?