Happy 4th of July Fellow TV Addicts

Knowing full well the majority of our readers have the day off to celebrate the 4th of July, we at theTVaddict.com thought we’d declare today CANADA DAY. Yes, we realize that Canada Day was indeed July 1st, but why not spend today — the day when all of our American friends are free from the shackles of work — celebrating everything Canadian in the world of television.

To start us of, here’s a quick teaser for our Canadian friends. Recently, the TV Addict had the opportunity to interview yet another talented star from DEGRASSI: TNG. He/She has never been interviewed on the site yet has been mentioned on numerous occasions. Take a guess at which star we talked to and be sure to check back next week for the full interview.

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  • mohammad

    i have a feeling it’s stacey farber

  • Nicole

    Okay, this has nothing to do with Degrassi, but it does have to do with the 4th of July…
    Is anyone else EXTREMELY upset that FOX moved the remaining episodes of Drive that were scheduled to air tonight to July 13?

    WHY FOX, WHY??

    I was willing to watch the brilliant show instead of fireworks, but FOX had to be evil again and move it to the day Harry Potter comes to town…thank God for DVRs.

  • Nicole

    Yes, I know Harry Potter really comes out on July 11, but in small Ohio towns, the theater only changes the movies on Fridays…

  • Common Sense

    Get up and cheer, fellow Everwood fans. Stephanie Niznik (Nina) has just replaced the mom (Judith Hoag) in The CW’s “Life is Wild.” As much as I dislike the Scott Patterson cast move, I really like THIS one!! TV Addict’s mom should give it a ‘thumbs up,’ too…and that’s really all that matters! 🙂