First Look: WEEDS Season 3

weeds season three

From mobsters (THE SOPRANOS) to power-hungry families (THE TUDORS, ROME), television has seen its fare share of dysfunctional families. Yet no family puts the fun into dysfunctional like the cast of WEEDS. Showtime’s most buzzed about series returns to TV this August 13 at 10PM and is thrilled to give you a first look at the returning cast.

New additions include half an Olsen twin (Mary-Kate plays a new love interest for Silas) and Matthew Modine (as Sullivan Groff, a mysterious land developer for Majestic, a new Christian, mega-church development being built right near Agrestic).

“WEEDS isn’t your eight-o’-clock family fare. It’s an adult show with adult subject matter and we’re confident Mary-Kate is right for the role,” says WEEDS creator and executive producer Jenji Kohan. “She came in and read with Hunter (Parrish) and was absolutely charming and real and seemed like a great fit. Audiences have seen only one side of Mary-Kate but here, we’ll see her in a whole new light.”

weeds season three

weeds season three

weeds season three

weeds season three

weeds season three

weeds season three

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  • shanna

    I’m really excited for the new season of Weeds and for Mary-Kate. Unlike La Lohan, you don’t hear about delayed production because MK showed up to the set drunk/hung over/high. Plus, acting without her sister is a good way for MK to distinguish herself in a postive way.

    The only problem with Weeds is that it always takes soooo long to premiere a new season. I wish it started earlier.

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  • Si

    Wat chanel is it goin to be on in the uk. plz get back to me.

  • Mike

    I agree. I wish the new season could come quicker. This is such a great show. I too am pumped to see MK Olsen on there. She’s become pretty hot!!!!

  • Jas

    Ive seen the first episode for season 3 looks pretty sweet

  • addicted

    Weeds is the best show since 24 and entourage…shane is the man.. .as for mary kate she better not fuck up my show..

  • blah

    how did you watch season three before it premiered?

  • Aud

    im just starting the first season and looks really like a awesome show

  • jer21

    the first four episodes of season 3 are available for download on torrent sites

  • BettY

    what episode is MK suppose to make her appearence, cause i have seen the first 4 episoedes (which are absoluty amazing by the way!) and no Mary k yet. i cant wait to see more it looks like this season is taking a new direction from the first 2 seasons… it feels like every episode leaves u at a bit of a clif hanger.