NBC to Renew THE APPRENTICE, the TV Addict Says ‘Huh?’

First NBC removes FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS from the summer schedule, now word is that the Peacock network is in talks to bring back Donald Trump’s THE APPRENTICE for not one, but two seasons. All together now, Jeff Zucker fired Kevin Reilly for this?

Speaking of Mr. Reilly. It’s a credit to his programming savvy that current FOX entertainment chief Peter Liguori is negotiating a deal to bring him to FOX. What happened the last time these two men teamed up at FX? They produced a few hits you may be familiar with — namely NIP/TUCK and THE SHIELD.

To review, Ben Silverman’s first big move — renewing THE APPRENTICE. Too bad Kevin Reilly can’t be renewed.

Thinking out loud… you know what show would fit really well with FX’s gritty and realistic stable of dramas? FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. Just a thought for when Silverman no doubt replaces FNL with THE BIGGEST LOSER, a show his old company Reveille just happens to produce. FNL fans, get your fan campaign ready.

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  • Christina

    “To bad” should be “too bad”. “THE BIGGEST LOSTER” should be “THE BIGGEST LOSER”.

  • Christina, Thanks for the edits!

  • Jenny

    Trump bought his way back in, don’t you bet? heh

  • Chuck

    Peter Ligouri is talking to Kevin Reilly about bringing him to FOX (not FX), the network Ligouri has been running for three years. Not a bad idea…

  • Common Sense

    Well, Benji…when you sleep with dogs, expect the stench of failure to follow. Trump is an egotistical moron on par with other nutcases like Paris & Britney. Is this really your solution to rebuilding a once-proud network? Help us all.

  • Trey

    Ugh…What is broadcast television coming to? I was hoping we were all rid of Donald Trump! Ben Silverman is rivaling Dawn Ostroff for “Worst Decisions Made By A Network Executive”…