Ready to hear the song that will be stuck in your head for the rest of the summer? If so, click above to check out the inevitable first smash from Disney’s HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2 “You Are the Music in Me.” Not surprisingly, it’s catchy.

Oh, and don’t even begin to pretend you have no idea what this HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL is all about. Whether you’re in High School, University, or like this TV Addict — simply far too old to be watching the Disney channel. We know you know all the words to ‘Breaking Free’ as well as the choreography to ‘Stick to the Status Quo.’ As the song goes, ‘We’re All in This Together.’ So we won’t tell if you don’t!

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  • Jenny

    He’s legal, so I can say this, but he’s so cute! Not like sexy, and he is young, but I love Zac Efron in the HS Musical movie! 😀 My kiddo & I are both excited for 2. lol

  • Jenny, you’re lucky. With a kid you have a built in excuse! You have no choice, you have to watch HSM!

    Just found more HSM2 Fun, what I imagine is the opening song.

  • And since I’m in lazy Sunday YouTube mode.. check out another really funny HSM MadTV spoof.

  • Mana

    I watched the first one on Disney Channel in an attempt to understand what all the fuzz was about… I still don’t get it.

  • Apparently Im really a 16 year old girl cause i cant WAIT for HSM2…

    I dont know if that makes me sad or weird.