Wanted: A Plot for 24 Season Seven

After managing to survive six years of near-death experiences, Jack Bauer’s finally met his match. The evil executives at FOX television. (Okay, so evil’s a bit of stretch, but we are afterall talking about the suits that cancelled FIREFLY, DRIVE, WONDERFALLS, ANDY RICHTER… the list goes on)

According to reports, the seventh season of 24 has been delayed after executives at FOX put the kibosh on the proposed story arc, which included a number of episodes to be shot in Africa. Reports TVGuide’s Michael Ausiello:

Although a 20th Century Fox spokesperson declined to comment, 24’s expert scowler, Mary Lynn Rajskub, confirms that the clock for Day 7 has been reset. “I don’t know what’s going on over there, but they’re going crazy,” says the scene-stealer, who only learned last week that Chloe would even be returning. “We usually start [back up] at the end of July, and I don’t think we’re starting until a couple of weeks into August now. It’s kind of exciting, because I think [the postponement] means that they’re really having to dig in there and come up with new stuff.”

With that in mind, we at theTVaddict.com thought it only fair to lend Jack Bauer and the creative team of 24 a hand in their hour of need (Lord knows Bauer’s saved our skin enough times). After six years of saving the world from evil-doers, endless CTU moles and creepy government agents, is there anything interesting left for Jack Bauer to do? Seriously, we have no idea, but we’re confident the readers of theTVaddict.com do. Post away with your ideas for season seven story arcs. And remember, there’s no such thing as a bad idea — unless they include Kim Bauer and a cougar.

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  • the-good-shepherd

    Well, to be honest, i guess everything has been said and done, the problem is that 24 is condemned to be a one-man-show since charismatic characters like president palmer, tony almeida or nina meyers (to name a few) were killed off and (just an example) the story-arc of jacks family beeing behind the events in season 5 has been totally screwed… i mean there is a lot of potential that has been wasted by the writers just for the sake of shocking the audience by killing a beloved charakter off and now they are running out of charakters they can kill off next season…
    Nevermind, was done is done and can’t be made undone, so what can they do is bring back some old faces like Max (Thomas Kretschmann) from Season 2 Finale, Mandy (Mia Kirshner) or Theo Stoller (Henry Ian Cusick) since Jack has some unfinished business pending with them and (don’t beat me) bring back Kim Bauer, since some eye-candy does never harm
    As for a plot-line it would be interesting to see Jack joining the poeple in Jericho since they are outnumbered by the people of New Bern…

  • plinstrot

    Here’s how it ought to go.

    Jack’s retired and has recently moved to a smallish town somewhere to spend some time with his daughter Kim and her family. However Jack’s instincts kick in and he starts to notice that something fishy is going on in the town a la Hot Fuzz meets Rambo: First Blood. The season plays out as Jack deals with personal, more down to earth problems as well as the discovery that a secret government organization has set up base in the town supposedly in order to weed out a terrorist cell.

    See Chase (Kim’s husband) moved to the town so he could work at the government operation along with Chloe and (hopefully) Tony. See Tony joined this group after he left CTU and when he supposedly died in season 5, he was actually revived by operatives of the organization who realized that he would be more useful if the world thought he was still dead (I know, I know). Anyways Jack discovers what’s going on and finds out that the “terrorists” are aware of the government group and that the two groups even working together. It appears that Chase, Chloe, Tony and many others are unaware of the motives the supposed government group they are working for (think SD6).

    Now jack must stop the terrorists and the government group from carrying out their plans while at the same time not knowing who to trust. The only person he knows for sure can help him is his daughter, Kim. There won’t be any plots involving bombs or power plants or viruses in this season, just the personal stake of helping his friends and putting an end this high security and high clearance level rouge group who to everyone but Jack appear to be the good guys.

  • Linda B.

    I’d like to see Jack defend this country against an alien attack. I think bringing in a science fiction angle would be cool. I’ve been a bit bored the past couple seasons. I feel like he’s been doing the same old thing over and over.

  • Cliff


    SCREEN TEXT: Beijing, China

    We open on the busy streets of Beijing. We follow a man walking through the crowd of people in the pouring rain. He shields himself from the rain until he gets to the Beijing Hebei Guest Hotel. Once he is under an entranceway he uncovers himself revealing who he is. The man is PHILIP BAUER, JACK’S father.

    As PHILIP enters his hotel room (the door is on the outside), we see him through the point of view of a pair of distant binoculars. Behind those binoculars is JACK BAUER. He is across the street in a car. He confirms the whereabouts of PHILIP BAUER and confirms he is alive to a tactical team in a nearby van consisting of ROLAND DELGATTA with an undercover team of CTU agents. MIKE DOYLE is beside JACK. They have a conversation revealing that after reasons to suggest Philip Bauer was alive, Jack agreed to stay on CTU until the apprehended him. He has worked solely on finding his father so he can get some closure and settle with a normal occupation. They also reveal that they have only been in China for a week following leads. He looks at MIKE, hollowed eyed and says, “Now, this can finally be over.” Mike looks at him with his lightly scarred face and agrees.

    From van: ROLAND then calls JACK and asks what to do next. Jack responds, “We wait. I want to know what he’s doing here first.” He then says to MIKE “China was the most obvious place where he would be. I almost have the feeling that he wants to be found.”

    Chinese Airport: An American reporter commentates to a camera saying, “Years after the peace treaty signing between America and Russia by ex-President CHARLES LOGAN, President KAREN BUCHANAN is landing in China with her husband BILL Buchanan to imitate such a treaty with the Chinese government. She claims the proposed treaty will reveal global understanding that different forms of government can live in peace with one another.

    Without being able to reach the treaty’s full potential because of China’s political state; the treaty will serve as a written agreement between the two countries with various privileges attached. KAREN BUCHANAN who knows the kind of trouble America almost got in with China sees the necessity of befriending them. She arrives off the plane with her husband and get into the Limo where they discuss such matters.

    KIM’S House: We then cut to a little girl running the living room yelling for her mother’s attention. KIM BAUER looks up and acknowledges her daughter, TERI BAUER. She is raising her alone. They live in a low-income housing. Her daughter asks when her babysitter is going to get there and KIM responds by saying, “Soon, I hope.” She checks her watch continuously while watching her daughter play. She looks uneasy, like something is seriously bothering her.

    CTU: Overseeing JACK’S mission from L.A is agent MACKENZIE DIXON. Temporarily overseeing CTU is MORRIS O’BRYAN; stepping in for his wife, and CTU director, CHLOE O’BRYAN. As DIXON is reporting the current status of what is happening in China he comments on how CHLOE left work suddenly again. He explains that they are still getting used to have a newborn around the house and that CTU is running fine so there’s nothing to worry about.

    DIXON gets results back indicating that PHILIP BAUER has been at the Hebei Guest Hotel for only two days and that he has been hopping from one hotel to another; staying no more than three days tops over the span of nine months. He frequents the hotels once he’s done his rounds. DIXON is collaborating with MORRIS because MORRIS has a greater understanding of the programming they are using. They find specific details of what room he’s in, the pseudonym he’s using (Daniel Graham), and his connection with known CHANG associates (well after Chang has died).

    KIM’S House: The doorbell rings as KIM runs to the door. LIBBY GILMORE is standing there with two other children apologizing for being late. KIM asks her what those kids are doing there and she says there was an emergency with another woman she works for and she had to double book. LIBBY is only seventeen. KIM, though still not impressed, gets her keys, says goodbye to her daughter and leaves.

    Back at CTU, MORRIS gets a call from CHLOE telling him that her brother, J.J Hampton, is going to watch the baby. He argues with her saying that he’s nothing but a drug addict. She uses the fact that he was an alcoholic to get back at him. MORRIS gets interrupted with a notice saying that NADIA YASSIR’S house has been broken into and she is missing. There is blood everywhere and gunshots were heard from neighbors. Within the 9 months that have passed NADIA and MIKE got married. DIXON feels inclined to tell JACK AND MIKE in case it has anything with them being in China.

    Limo: KAREN BUCHANAN is talking with her husband BILL BUCHANAN, and her chief of staff, BEN PRICE, about the day’s agenda and the importance of this treaty. She’s afraid of the response of the American public and media considering there has already been flack about it.

    Car/ City Street/ Hotel: After Jack receives the phone call from MORRIS he calls all troops to raid Philip Bauer’s hotel room. JACK says, “This has all been too easy; something isn’t right. We go in now!” ROLAND DELGATTA runs out of the van with the other agents. After hearing about Nadia’s disappearance DOYLE gets pissed off. They meet up with JACK as the surround the perimeter. JACK kicks open the front door to the living room setting to see his father hanging by his neck with a crate full of C4 beneath his legs.

    JACK sees the bombs and calls all of the agents to leave the plaza quick. Jack jumps back in a panic and runs to the street. The other agents meet him out front along with MKE DOYLE. The hotel has yet to explode. MIKE and JACK look suspiciously around ROLAND announce that he thinks he found something. JACK and MIKE turn around to see ROLAND holding a detonator. He pushes the button, the hotel plaza explodes and the rest of the CTU agents knock the two of them out and drag them to the van.


    Back at KIM’S house, LIBBY is calling up her boyfriend telling him that she has the house for the night. He asks if it’s ok to bring friends over and she says, “yes but not too many”.

    KIM is driving in her car when she gets a phone call from an unknown female voice. The voice tells her that they are meeting somewhere else. She tells KIM “it may be a long night for you. I hope you’re ready” Kim replies by saying, “You’ve given me no other choice”

    CTU is going frantic with the loss of all contact with JACK and his team. MORRIS decides it’s in his best interest to inform the President considering the irony of her being in China the same day Philip Bauer shows up on the radar. They have no idea what happened back in China. As MORRIS is calling KAREN, CHLOE walks into CTU. She addresses MORRIS but DIXON cuts her off and pulls her aside to explain the situation. He then tells her that a team has been assembled and he’s going to NADIA’S house to investigate the situation.

    Limo: KAREN debriefs her husband and PRICE while still in the limo. “We’re going to be at the embassy in less than ten minutes.” The media, and the MAYOR OF CHINA will be waiting for me. If I have to back out of this… I have to do it now or else it’s going to be a lot harder coming up with an excuse why not to sign a treaty I proposed in the first place”. BILL and BEN discourage her from doing anything yet. BILL says that he knows JACK and that whatever the situation may be that he will be able to cover it. He says two hours in more than enough time to figure everything out. If they have to back out then they will cross that bridge when they get there.

    Downtown Restaurant: KIM shows up at closed down restaurant and calls the number of the unknown voice. The woman answers and tells her there’s a key behind the dumpster. KIM goes to the dumpster and sees a brown paper bag with an empty wine bottle sticking out of it. She takes out the wine bottle and there is a key within it. She smashes the bottle and grabs the key. The voice tells her to take the side door. KIM does what she’s told and goes to the side door. There’s a briefcase on the floor. No one else is in the store. She opens it and it’s full of money. KIM grabs it and leaves in a hurry. Once Kim is in front of the store she asks the voice what’s to stop her from leaving. As soon as she says it a bullet from a sniper smashes the store window right beside her. KIM screams. The voice then says, “The moment you touched that briefcase you signed a contract. Do anything stupid and we’ll kill your daughter first”. She then tells her where to meet next.

    Chinese Embassy: The presidential limo arrives at the embassy. PRICE gets out first. KAREN stays in the limo quickly to talk to BILL. KAREN argues with BILL telling him that “today of all days I need your support”. He calms her down. They get out of the limo and begin waving to the crowd of people and the media. The MAYOR of CHINA greets her.

    J.J HAMPTON’S HOUSE: RILEY DAWES, a cracked out woman is hanging upside down off her bed when she hears the door downstairs open and a baby crying. She s starts screaming, “J.J is that you? Why the hell do I hear a baby?” She gets up and wobbles downstairs. J.J is standing there holding a baby while he kicks the door closed. He explains to her that he can’t shoot up tonight because he has to baby-sit and she gets mad at him for agreeing to it.

    CTU: CHLOE has taken over her responsibilities as director once again and has MORRIS setting up a conference meeting along with a conference call to BILL. They report that they have yet to hear from the team but have gotten reports that the hotel has exploded where they were staking out. CHLOE agrees to release information to BILL about undercover American Agents in China to assist him on finding JACK and the team.

    Chinese Warehouse: JACK and MIKE wake up chained together in an abandoned warehouse. MIKE looks through an opened door to see a band on American military loading guns. JACK and MIKE have a conversation of how they have been compromised and how his father knew that they were there. They then try to connect the dots to why their own men would turn on them. He then sees ROLAND in an army outfit. He calls out to him demanding for him to tell him what’s going on. His first response is “Well, JACK, today you’re a very important pawn in a very big game of chess.” He then proceeds to explain their plot (as much as Jack needs to know.

    The soldiers are men who are committing mutiny against their country for the best interest of their country. These are American men who see the treaty as jeopardizing the American public. They are planning to start a declaration of war that will look like was planned by America. They will unleash a series of objectives that will be considered anarchy. Their first stop will be exploding the Yonghegong Lama Temple (the largest and most scared temple in Beijing). That is simply their first objective.

    In doing this they could very well start a war between the two countries. They would prefer war to peace any day if it means keeping their dignity. They don’t believe because America finally emplaced a woman president that she should be compassionate and cower as much as to come to their country with a treaty. If the Chinese want it bad enough they should go to America.

    MIKE then looks up at ROLAND and says, “You’re talking about national mutiny! You’re looking at treason charges for the rest of your life”. ROLAND replies back by saying, “That’s what you don’t get. I love my country so much that I would die a traitor if that meant the wellbeing of the American people”. They briefly dispute then ROLAND walks away. MIKE then says to JACK: I don’t think we can get out. JACK then replies: Not unless we fight an army. He looks out at the rebellious military men loading their guns.


    KIM’S House: LIBBY hears the doorbell and answers the door. The three children are playing upstairs while all of LIBBY’S friends come in along with her boyfriend, CHAZ THORNE. She told him not to bring so many people but he did any ways. She tells him that they weren’t supposed to come over until 8. She then asks him if he’s drunk and he says yes. Her friends all brought alcohol as well. She complains that it’s so early and that they shouldn’t be drinking when she’s babysitting. He replies by saying might as well start while the night is young.

    Upstairs the other two children are bored of playing with TERI. They ask her why she doesn’t have toys. She has a few but her mom doesn’t have much money. She then tells them that the other day she was snooping through her mom’s drawers and she found a gun. She asks them if they want to see it and they say yes. As she opens the drawer, LIBBY calls from the stairs to see if they’re ok. She shuts the drawer fast as LIBBY gets to the top of the stairs. She asks why they are in her mother’s room.

    Lounge: KAREN enters a lounge set up for her and her staff while her luggage is being put into sleeping accommodations. BILL addresses her about the explosion at the hotel and no sign of the CTU team. He then tells her that a team is being put into place and he’s going to lead the investigation. They discuss.

    J.J’S House: J.J and RILEY are yelling back and forth while the baby is screaming. RILEY then breaks down into tears and says that she’s had too much today. They argue about who’ the bigger crack head. He then tends to the baby’s needs. He mentions that CHLOE told him the baby needs a bath. He goes up the stairs with the baby as RILEY sits on the couch downstairs and lies on her back. J.J quickly goes into his bedroom before going into the washroom. As he’s holding the baby with one arm, he opens a drawer to grab a heroine case with his free hand. He then walks to the bathroom with the baby.

    L.A Warehouse: KIM pulls up to a warehouse in an open area and walks in. She phones the unknown voice once again. They start talking as a thug escorts her down a long hallway. KIM then asks what she needs to do. The woman tells her once she gets into the room to strip down to her underwear, sit down in front of the camera, the men will tie her up accordingly and to ignore whatever else she might see in that room. She tells KIM that her men seat her outside of the room until they’re ready. She then reminds KIM “it’s going to be a long night”.


    Chinese Warehouse: ROLAND walks in with two separate ankle cuffs. He cuffs one around JACK’S leg and one around MIKE’S leg. He explains how they are mechanically altered that at any time they can explode and that if they veer a certain distance they can explode. JACK asks ROLAND why them. Roland replies: “Because with a history like yours; it makes sense that you would be leading these men into anarchy against the Chinese government. As for you Mr. DOYLE… we have other plans for you.” Jack then asks him whom he is working for. ROLAND answers by saying, “Don’t worry. She’ll be here shortly”. Jack looks up and says, “She?”

    KIM’S House: LIBBY is sitting in KIM’S bedroom with the kids. They are watching T.V. CHAZ comes up the stairs and asks her why she’s not downstairs. She reminds him that she’s babysitting and that he should of never came over. She then hears a smash and begins to freak out. She goes downstairs and leaves the kids behind with CHAZ. The one child motions to TERI towards the drawer. CHAZ catches the motioning and asks if there’s anything important in the drawer. He opens it up and sees the gun.

    CTU S.U.V: DIXON is in a CTU S.U.V with three other men. He calls up MORRIS at CTU and informs him that he is approaching NADIA’S house. The property is flooded with police cruisers, officers and caution tape. As DIXON approaches a police officer he shows his credentials to allow access to the property. The police officer informs DIXON that there claims to be a witness. A young man, CODY FLIESTRA, who is standing next to a police car, begins to be escorted towards DIXON. The police officer says that CODY claimed to be walking by as a group of men in masks were dragging a bleeding woman out of the house. DIXON greets CODY and begins to take him aside and says he would like to ask some more questions if he wouldn’t mind. CODY’S hands are in his pocket. CODY suddenly switches tones and says, “Actually, I’ll be doing the talking from now on.” DIXON stops and looks at him puzzled. He then says, “Any sudden movements and I detonate the house from the trigger in my pocket. Put me on the phone with CHLOE O’BRIAN. Feel free to send one of your men to confirm the explosives in the crawlspace. He says one word and I blow us all to pieces.” DIXON stares at him as he reveals the detonator. DIXON then pulls out his phone and dials CTU.

    [Split screen]

    CTU: MORRIS answers the phone. DIXON tells him to put CHLOE on. CHLOE answers and CODY is on the phone. He makes a hostage negotiation for ten million dollars. When asked why they would ever give that much money for one person he replies by saying it’s not about the person who was kidnapped but why they were kidnapped. He also mentions that if anything happens to him she dies immediately and there will be worse consequences to come. He will be calling his ‘contact’ every fifteen minutes to report that he’s ok.

    NADIA’S House: CODY hangs up the phone and tells DIXON that before he gets the money there’s a few things he needs him for first. They walk towards the vehicle.

    Back at CTU: CHLOE debriefs MORRIS on what is happening. They begin to connect the dots and consider how everything may be connected to what is happening in China. They inform everyone on CTU to be on full alert, find out who CODY is, and contact the president.

    J.J’S House: RILEY is yelling from downstairs for J.J to stop the baby’s crying because it is absolutely wailing. She then gets fed up and decides to go upstairs and yell at him. She enters the bathroom and sees him passed out by the toilet with foam coming out of his mouth. He overdosed. There’s a used needle on the ground along with the heroine case. The bath water is filling all around the baby. When RILEY looks into the tub; the water just begins covering the baby’s face. She pulls the baby out and wraps it in a towel. She starts crying frantically. She can’t handle what’s going on because she is so drugged out. She bends down, holding the baby in one arm, and puts her hands up to her boyfriend’s neck to feel his pulse. He’s dead. She continues crying as she repeats “Oh my God”.

    Chinese Embassy: KAREN is looking out of a window as BILL comes in to say goodbye. He reminds her that everything is going to be all right. He mentions that the team they assembled has arrived and he must leave now.

    L.A Warehouse: KIM is sitting on the warehouse floor about ten feet down the hall where a light is leaking through a closed door. The door opens and a big man tells her that they’re ready. As she walks towards the door she begins to unbutton her blouse. She removes her shirt as soon as she walks into the room. There is a camera set up to a fancy computer set up. There are four men in the room. She then looks passed the camera and sees lying in the corner is NADIA. They have never met. NADIA is in her underwear, tied up, has a rope in her mouth and her legs are lying limp. They have been broken.
    KIM looks extremely shocked. One of the men answers the phone and gives it to KIM. He says, “It’s for you”.

    KIM picks it up and it’s the unknown voice. A split screen reveals that it is “MANDY”.
    MANDY: “Alright KIM, as soon as you get your clothes off you know the drill. We stage your kidnapping. We agree to let you walk if your father agrees to cooperate with us. You will then be given set tasks to do as we have men follow you with hidden cameras so we your father understands you can be killed at anytime. You already got half of the money. Once we’re done you’ll get the rest”
    KIM: “Fine. My father has been back for nine months without telling me. He deserves whatever he has coming… especially after what he’s put me through. “
    MANDY: “ Fair enough. It’s show time, sweetheart.

    Chinese Warehouse: JACK is staring off at the soldiers getting ready for whatever war they’re trying to start. ROLAND walks in with two soldiers. He commands them to pick the two men up. They drag JACK and MIKE to a more open part of the warehouse where MANDY is sitting with a television set.
    MANDY: All right enough sitting around. We have a proposal to make. She turns on the television set to show KIM an NADIA tied up.

    The screen splits into four separate windows and switches between the various following scenes:
    1. JACK and MIKE watching the television set
    2. KIM and NADIA sitting in front of the camera. NADIA is looking at KIM.
    3. KAREN staring out of the window.
    4. CTU moving frantically. CHLOE stressed out.
    5. RILEY crying while rocking the baby.
    6. CHAZ tucking the gun into his back pocket and walking down the stairs.
    7. DIXON and CODY driving in the car. The split screen then focuses into that window. DIXON asks what CODY’S intentions are. CODY says: “Don’t worry about it.” He then pulls out the detonator, pushes it and explodes NADIA’S house which is a fair distance away. He then says, “Just enjoy the ride”.

  • jeff

    We find out Jack has been broken by the Chinese and through mental trickery Jack truly goes bad killing the president and having the entire CTU after him, maybe even having Kim (yes, please) find him and only CHase (that’s right) able to bring him down!!

    By the way… i love the idea of having Tony not really having died in season 5!!!

  • courtney

    this is what the season should be like……………….The scene opens at ctu las angeles it’s the director’s last day. The replacement should get there any minute. Sudenly evreyone turens. Chloe see’s him and is shocked, it’s Spencer Wolff. The scene turens to someoneis lying in bed, then the alarm clock rings, the person gets up showing his face, it’s Jack Bauer. He starts to get ready. Then it goes to a man carrying a baby and she’s screaming. The man is trying to calm down the child. the man is Morris O’Brian. he has bags under his eyes and looks exosted. his phone rings, it’s Chloe, she imdetly hears the baby crying. “how’s it going” “how do you think” “You don’t have to be starcastic with me I know it’s hard” “you have it easy your at work doing nothing” “acthally I have a big problm” “what” “a guy I hate is the new director” “who” “spencer Wolff” ” Good luck” “you too”. as they hang up the screan goes to CTU spencer called Nadia. to get her to up date him. Nadia knows about him because chloe told her about him. Nadia is in his offic helping him get ready. She acks him a question.”do you know Chloe O’Brian?” “Yes” “why” ” because she works here”. The scene goes to Jack Bauer. At a hardwear store. His tag says Manager. Then he gets a call from Chloe saying CTU needs his help, He hangs up the phone. she contiues calling, until he says what do you want. she says there’s a crisese. and jack says I don’t work for CTU , Chloe says we just need you for a cupel of hours. please. no. but… he hangs up the phone. Chloe calls Nadia in spencer’s offic he picks up the phone and says hello , chloe says if she can speack to Nadia. Nadia says hello. chloe says that jack won’t come in. she asks if there’s anyone eles that could come in. Not that she could think of. the scene goes to morris. he’s talking to Chloe she says to talk the baby to a day care ”the carebear day care” he does. they hang up the phone. after that she gets a call saying Jack Bauer is at the entrens. she says I’ll be right down. as she’s about to leave to get jack spencer comes up to her. he says I don’t want to be in this acword relationship with you. ”spencer this relationship will always be weird.” ”it doesn’t have to” and he leans in to kiss her. she moves away. and says ”I’m marryed and i have a child” ”what” ”you heard me” ”but it’s been only 5 years” ”ya thats a long time” ”it felt longer with out you” ”save it I got to go”.then the hour ends.