Bad News for KYLE XY Fans

First we can’t buy an iPhone, now this! If you’re like this TV Addict [Canadian] or simply lack ABC Family among your five hundred channel universe, you’re officially out of luck when it comes to discovering the truth about KYLE XY. Due to lower than expected ratings, ABC has yanked repurposed episodes of the show that were airing on ABC Friday nights. Thus, from here on in, the only way to catch the adventure is on ABC Family or by purchasing episodes on iTunes for $1.99 each. Wondering what’s replacing KYLE on this Friday on ABC? GEORGE LOPEZ. Hey, it could be worse — at least we’re not being force fed a second serving of ACCORDING TO JIM.

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  • Jake

    OMFG. This is terrible. I’ll just have to find a way to watch it online… since I don’t think I wanna wait til A-Channel and Space airs Kyle XY. Why is there such a ratings slump on the repeated episodes when it’s still doing fine on ABC Family?

    They’re replacing Kyle with “Greek” this week. I wonder if that’s any good.

  • plinstrot
  • CC

    Dont they put it on their site after its played…? They have been I thought