‘Critics’ Pick TV’s Best & Worst, We Disagree

This week TVWeek.com released their ‘Best and Worst’ of the 2006/07 television season after polling thirty-five of the top TV critics throughout North America. Needless to say, this TV Addict has some serious issues with this poll, not the least of which is that nobody asked us for our opinion.

Let’s start with the good. Overall, the top twenty-two include a nice mix of perennial winners (THE SOPRANOS, LOST), freshman hits (BROTHERS & SISTERS, HEROES, UGLY BETTY, 30 ROCK) and under-appreciated gems (FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS and THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE).

What was missing from the list? How about HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, SCRUBS and WEEDS — three of television’s most brilliant comedies. As well as DEXTER, the most compelling and addictive drama to reach the airwaves in years. All four picks could have quite easily replaced four dramas who continually manage to live off the hype of their past brilliance (GREY’S ANATOMY, BOSTON LEGAL, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and VERONICA MARS).

Moving onto ‘the worst’, we’re surprised to find OCTOBER ROAD, 24 and THE BLACK DONNELLYS at the top of the list. Sure, it’s pretty trendy to rip on 24 (after its weakest season yet) and we’ll conceded that THE BLACK DONNELLYS was no SOPRANOS, but to name them the worst? Over all the reality TV garbage and insipid ABC sitcoms that clutter our airwaves? Talk about harsh. It goes without saying that if torture’s the goal — we’d rather be tied to a chair watching Jack Bauer for twenty-four hours than ACCORDING TO JIM, GEORGE LOPEZ, TWO AND A HALF MEN, well you get the idea.

You can check out the full results by clicking here. And please feel free to post away with your thoughts below.

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  • Common Sense

    Excellent points. Any list where Desperate Housewives is a “best bet” is suspect. What’s the infatuation with The Sopranos? In what universe is that mobshow better than LOST? Grey’s Anatomy #9? Are these critics “watching” the shows before they vote? Take 2 spoonfuls of McGizzie and vote again.

    Figures, my first season to be involved with “24” is the worst (that darn obsession with lead-in Prison Break). I thought it was okay, but had nothing to compare it to. Although I sure wish it could’ve had more Jean Smart. Can’t wait for Season 5 to start in syndie this fall—the year of Pres. Logan & wife. Love them.

  • guillermo

    hi tvaddict.i´m from Argentina, i write to tell you why dexter and weeds are not on the list.
    That´s because it´s the best shows not for then entire season, only form january to june, so thats why the show´s aren´t in the list.
    if you check the last list you´ll see both of them.

  • Hey guillermo,

    Excellent Point and you are indeed correct. That said, I’m convinced I can still think of shows that are more deserving of their place on the list than GREY’S ANATOMY, BOSTON LEGAL, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and VERONICA MARS. Actually, with the new time constraints, I’ll keep GREY’S and VERONICA on the list. Just replace DH and BL with perhaps THE SIMPSONS (always deserving) and STUDIO 60 (flawed but compelling nonetheless).

  • Were you seriously surprised to see October Road on the ‘worst’ list? I know it’s sort of an easy target, but it’s terrible nonetheless. I agree with Boston Legal in the sense I don’t get why everybody loves it, what with its Nip/Tuck-worthy outlandishness.

    Also, isn’t it just as trendy to trash According to Jim, George Lopez, Two and a Half Men and the such?

  • CC

    I can’t believe they don’t see the brilliance of shows like How I Met Your Mother and Dexter.
    Do they have taste AT ALL?

    I wish people werent beating up on October Road. It’s a decent show if you give it a chance! So is Men in Trees.

  • Aleks.

    While OCTOBER ROAD has some serious flaws, I’m a sucker for Donna from THAT 70’S SHOW.

    Also, It is not trendy to simply trash ACCORDING TO JIM, GEORGE LOPEZ and 2.5 MEN.

    In all seriousness, this Monday I once again tuned into an entire episode of 2.5 MEN just to make sure the show continued to deserve my incessant criticism. Once again I learned all my criticism is completely valid. The ‘comedy’ didn’t illicit a single laugh…. maybe if I was ten years old and thought fart jokes were funny.

  • Common Sense

    RE: Two and a Half Men

    Best part of the show: Holland Taylor (their mother). What a classy veteran actress; always great in whatever show (i.e. The Practice…) or role. She’s a breath of fresh air amidst some very stale attempts at humor.

  • Nicole

    TV ADDICT, I thought you liked Veronica Mars. And I can understand where you may feel this last season was not deserving. But surely it was a better season than a lot of shows out there. Your comment(s) made me feel sad. I thought we were on the same side….

  • Stefanie

    I am a huge fan of The Black Donnellys. I thought it was a very well written and well acted show. People just didn’t give it a chance. I guess people would rather watch mind numbing reality tv.

    I also like the show October Road. I was never a huge fan so if I missed an episode I wasn’t really upset. But it was a decent show that also needs more time to gain a loyal audience.

  • Josh

    I disagree with you on Veronica Mars. I definitely think it deserves a place on the list. Of course it wasn’t as good as the first season, but that’s no way to judge a show. Even on its worst day, it’s still better than so much else out there.

    I don’t know about Grey’s Anatomy. Although the show sucked by the end of the season, the first 1/2 or so of the season was great.

    How I Met Your Mother being ignored, once again, is unacceptable. Why is this show treated so badly?

  • Tammy

    I am surprised that The Black Donnellys was on the worst shows of 2006 & 2007. I have never watched the Sopranos but The black Donnellys is great show. It certainly does not deserveto cast as one of the worst TV shows.

  • David D.

    WHERE THE F^&% IS SCRUBS! First of all I must say, Tv Addict… I was just informed by a very reliable source that they wrote a bunch of tv show titles on strips of paper, threw them into a hat and pulled them one by one! Let me officially announce the list that was lost along with the year 2000 florida ballots!

    Order may be a little off it’s late and I am still pissed about the 1600000 “Scrubs” Cold Sholder!

    1. Lost (there is no denying this…move on!)
    2. Scrubs (underrated, underpromoted, underwatched)
    3. Friday Night Lights (Come on!)
    4. Gilmore Girls (Ended too soon! BRILLIANT!)
    5. The Wire (!)
    6. Heroes
    7. House
    8. American Idol (I don’t know why but it’s addicting and very entertaining tv!)
    9. The Office
    10. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
    11. The Sopranos
    12. Battlestar Galactica
    13. Dexter (Greatness!)
    14. Entourage
    15. Ugly Betty
    16. The 4400
    17. Rome
    18. Law and order: SVU
    19. Brothers and Sisters
    20. Psych
    21. The Shield
    22. The Closer
    23. Everybody Hates Chris
    25. The New Adventures of Old Christine

    Worst Shows top 10!

    1. The Real Wedding Crashers
    2. On The Lot
    3. Pussycat Dolls Present: TheSearch for the Next Doll
    4. According to Jim
    5. George Lopaz
    6. The Wedding Bells
    7. Big Day
    8. The Rich List
    9. Flavor of Love
    10. GREY’S ANATOMY! (NEVER WAS GREAY’S BETTER THAN SCRUBS! Grey’s has gotten stale, boring, monotnus, crappy, and worse than the worst hour long episode of an MTV reality show!therefore get this shit off tv!)

  • Jay

    HOw could they put The Black Donnelly’s on the worst list? Are you kidding me? That show was awesome!