During last night’s second season premiere of EUREKA, SCI FI was kind enough to offer up a first look at RAZOR, the two-hour BATTLESTAR GALACTICA movie scheduled to air this November. In case you missed it, check out the preview above with bonus points if you can spot the fifth Cylon!

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  • jo

    Oooh. Can’t wait. I definitely have All Along the Watchtower as my ringtone…

  • jessica

    the fifth cylon what do you mean? new character kendra or the admiral or kara. those are my top choices.

  • Bill Roe

    I think the 5th cylon has to be Starbuck, otherwise she would be dead. However for an intelligent show like this, Starbuck seems to easy to be the 5th cylon. I would also have to guess as my 2nd choice Admiral Cain, she seems like someone with little or no heart/soul, which also doesn’t always seem to be the case with cylons [at least the humanoid models]. I could speculate all day, but I choose to wait and watch the mini movie:Razor, and season 4 to get all the answers!

  • Yeah i thnk so the fifth cylon is starbuck as last seen of s3 ending. ths is definitely as my brothers say shes the 5th cylons. as for u guys [for ur reading eyes only] there is actualy 4 found from the s03 ending, isnt it?
    as i rely rely cant wait to see wat the movie wil hold in store, and also an all new season 4 series as wel. its the best show on the US tv by far.