First Look: DEXTER Season 2

After far too long a wait, DEXTER — last season’s most addictive new drama returns to Showtime this September. While spoilers are scarce as to what fans can expect from the upcoming season, Executive Producer Daniel Cereone did reveal this at March’s Paley Festival Panel:

“Going into the second season we think we have something equally compelling [as the Ice-Truck Kilelr]. Basically Dexter’s search for meaning. Who am I? What is my purpose? Ultimately leading to questions of good and evil. This season we want to bring that question to the forefront. Why is he here? Who is he? What is his purpose?” Added Harry’s fictional father James Remar, “Harry’s Badddd.”

Need your DEXTER fix now? Courtesy of iTunes, you can download the entire first season on iTunes or pre-order the first season on Amazon.

Thanks to Seat42f for the Tip

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  • Linda B.

    I LOVE THIS SHOW! Can’t wait til September!

  • Adam J

    this show has the best writing ever. if you like it check out the books!

  • caine

    Well, I’ve watched the first two episodes and with the exception of Doakes being on Dexter’s tale, not a single solitary strand of story from the second book appears to have survived this time. Very disappointing, as I don’t think the new stuff is as good as the book storylines.

  • Caine. I have to respectively disagree.

    Having watched the entire first season of DEXTER twice, and read the first book from which it was based, Showtime’s DEXTER is the rare instance where the filmed version surpasses the book.

  • Luckily, no one fucking asked you. The television series is highly respectable in its own right, but give me a break…. when I was writing these books, I didn’t expect to be creating an entire television series on a network to which I don’t even subscribe — let alone having the producers steal years of my work to run in the opposite direction. I got raped on this deal, plain and simple, and you can consider this web posting as my first official and public recognition of that fact.

  • And as a writer, I suppose I should at least correct the typo I made above. Apparently I can be considered talented enough to draft thousands of pages of pseudo-reality, but cannot spell my own name when I’m this drunk.

    Fuck it.

  • Crash

    Lindsay, Is that really you?

    I liked your first book but your second book was amazingly good. Your third book went astray with the Dark Passenger. You tried to explain where the it comes from which was already explained in my opinion. Are you writing a 4th book?