Some Super Casting News

SMALLVILLE has found its SuperGirl and much to this TV Addict’s chagrin, series creator Al Gough decided to ignore your brilliant casting advice. Virtual unknown (unless you’re a fan of INSTANT STAR) Laura Vandervoort has been cast as Kara (SuperGirl). Fans can get a closer look at Ms. Vandervoort’s, err assets, at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con where Vandervoort will be joining SMALLVILLE executive producers Al Gough and Miles Millar for an audience Q&A.

In more super casting news, SUPERNATURAL is finally adding some Y chromosome to equal the X that is Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. According to SuperScooper Michael Ausiello:

Katie Cassidy — the 20-year-old daughter of ’70s teen idol David Cassidy — has been tapped to play Ruby, a fellow demon hunter Sam and Dean meet in the show’s third season premiere. In the casting breakdown, the character is described as “sexy, brutal and ruthless.”

As of yet, there’s no word on which lucky actress has won the role of Bela, that other Demon Hunter. But one thing is a given. Almost any regular reader of would sell their soul to the yellow-eyed-demon for the chance to spend nine months on a cramped Vancouver set with Sam and Dean.

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  • You know, I wasn’t at all worried about the addition of two new female characters to Supernatural — until now. Katie Cassidy is lovely, and here’s hoping she’s a fabulous actress, but for pete’s sake, she’s twenty years old. TPTB couldn’t find someone who’s a bit farther out of her teens? I can see them walking into some bar, and Dean saying: “A couple of beers for me and my brother, and a Shirley Temple for our wispy blonde friend…”

    I just hope Bela is cast as someone a bit more substantial. Oh, and, I dunno, maybe AN ADULT?

  • Chris

    Well, the Supernatural news is cool to hear, but I’m extremely excited about the Smallville casting news! I love the show Instant Star, so I think Laura Vandervoort will be a good addition to the cast.

    One question, I don’t know if it has been said yet, but will Supergirl, as well as the two new females on Supernatural, be series regulars on their respective shows this season, or just recurring stars?


  • hancoll, I totally agree with you. 20?!?!? No. Jo didn’t work because she came off as too young, and this smacks of the same thing. Oy.

    I will keep an open mind just as I did for Jo, but as Veronica Mars might say, mark me down as skeptical.

  • Common Sense

    Jo was just not “hot” enough. Katie is a real doll, and a good actress—despite her purgatory in 7th Heaven. It’s hard to find great new faces in H’wood, but Vendervoort fills the bill. Someone at The CW is doing some brilliant casting (Niznik, Michael Cassidy, Peregrym, etc.).

    By the way, has anyone ever pointed out that SN’s Yellow-Eyed Demon (r.i.p.) was the FBI agent handcuffed to Kate (and later killed on the island) when the plane crashed on LOST?

  • Nicole

    Laura Vandervoort is really great. This should be interesting. Since she has signed on to this show, do you know what’s going to happen to her character on Instant Star?

  • Sammi

    I don’t actually think Katie looks that young.. I think she looks about Sam’s age.. I am going to keep an open mind about Ruby and Bela and I think they will be good on the show as long as they are RECURRING!! they can never ever be series regulars that I wouldn’t be happy about at needs to be just Sam and Dean for the majority with the occasional appearance of the other characters… but I think she looks like she could fit the part, at least she doesn’t look 12 like Alona Tal does.. I just really hope she is a good actress and that she is very good in the part and hopefully all the people who are against the new characters will like her b/c I am so sick of reading people talking about how the girls are going to bring down the show and make it suck and that they are going to stop watching the show b/c of them.. I mean we haven’t even seen the girls on the show yet and for me there is nothing they could do to make me stop watching.. I trust Kripke 100% he has never let me down!

  • blackgem

    I have to say, I am somewhat worried with Supernatural that the addition of two female cast members could change the dynamic in a bad way. One of the best things about the series is the sheer chemistry between the Sam and Dean (no, not in that way you perverts :p), and the addition of two female leads is liable to change that. This could be good, and I am optimistic given that the show has thus far managed to be very effective at realitically evolving and developing the characters, but they do have to be careful with it to avoid straying too far from what truly makes the series great.

    So… it’s very much a case of wait and see. They could manage to pull it off, though I think they need to be careful not to do the obvious and have romance get in the way (though I fully expect Dean to try to get into either/both their pants, anything serious I can’t help but feel would change the dynamic too much)

  • Tia

    I am highly skeptical about the addition of two female regulars. The first of the two regulars is being introduced in the first episode, which I feel is a bit too soon. The actress they choose also looks like Alona, so it kinds of feels the Jo character as been updated. I was hoping for maybe a change in casting and a little variety. The actress choosen also has to be able to carry the part, I mean I saw her work in Black Christmas, and I am not sure if she can carry the part they cast her in. I think someone with a little more acting experience, someone older, might have been better for the part. Im kind of worried that season 3 of supernatural will open up and it will appear the show is trying too hard to be something it is not. The quality of the show would be ruined if the show was over hauled to cater to a teen audience. The roadhouse incident is one example of how when jumping too fast into a particular idea can offset the rest of the show. It was to chaotic trying to remove traces of the roadhouse and it cost the show some potential development by trying to undo what was setup.

  • Mel

    Well count me in as one of the fans yelling that “two ‘regular’ hot chick kick-a$$ demon hunters so tough they make Sam and Dean look like the Hardy Boys” were a Bad Idea to add to Supernatural. And I gotta say — on the surface Katie Cassidy looks like my worst fears.
    And I think I know why — someone really needs to take the casting director at the CW aside and tell them –“Uhhh, yeah, I know that Buffy was a petite little blond and she kicked a$$ and everybody liked it, but um, here’s the thing — see, the fact that she was a tiny little vampire bait self-involved teenager named “Buffy’ was a joke – a wry bit of irony — And see, she was imbued with the supernatural power of the slayer — without which she couldn’t open a jar of mayo, let alone kick demon a$$. So this whole casting a petite little blond WITHOUT the power of the slayer just isn’t gonna work for a hunter in the Supernatural ‘verse.”
    Now on Smallville – maybe since she’s Supergirl and our sun gives her powers like Clark’s –OK, but not on Supernatural.

  • Allzugern

    Katie Cassidy as a hunter is a peverse joke. She’s fine for many roles, but not that of a hunter. Does anyone really think the viewing audience will be able to suspend disbelief when it is obvious the girl hasn’t even got the strength to pick up a weapon, let alone wield it? The kick back from any fire arm would set her right on her ass. We’re supposed to buy her as a ‘tough’ hunter who can hold her own with Sam and Dean. Pulllllease. The people at CW are smoking crack if they think they can pull this off. The viewers DO have a certain level of intelligence.

  • Caroline

    I think the addition of two female hunters is completely unnecessary and will mess with the dynamics of the show. Yeah we should have more hunters but “little girls” who we are supposed to believe are better hunters than Dean and Sam, I don’t think so. I agree with Allzugern, viewers do have some brains and level of intelligence. Supernatural is a class show but I fear that it going to change with these additions.

  • comeon

    oh come on. this has got to be the worst casting. i hope they cast the next supernatural actress with some variety.

  • J.D.Nolan

    The casting of this actress, as well as “Ruby” herself, suggests one or more network execs are attempting to alter the basic concept of “Supernatural” by changing this splendid, original series into a retread of “Buffy” or “Charmed.” The same kind of attempt was made last season with the creation and casting of “Jo,” played by another version of Ms. Cassidy. That attempt failed miserably, but obviously one or more network execs are determined to prove themselves right, even if it means “Supernatural” will jump the shark.

    Despite its demons and monsters, “Supernatural” has succeeded with audiences largely because of its strong, insistent realism. To ask viewers to believe that a skinny little 20 year old girl is a ruthless, highly experienced monster hunter shifts the series from realistic drama to comic book fantasy, insulting the intelligence of the audience and calling the professional competence of those behind this move into serious question. Had the “X-Files” added a 20 year old FBI agent to its cast of regular characters, the series would have evoked ridicule among critics and viewers and met a speedy end.

    I believe “Supernatural” was given a third season on the condition that Mr. Kripke sacrifice some of his creative control to Dawn Osprey. I further believe that (1) Dawn Osprey has a personal fondness for kick-ass females and enjoys seeing them put men down; (2) she also has certain favorites among actresses, especially those who are frail and blonde; thus, despite the “open” casting call, the choice of actress for “Ruby” had already been made by her admirer; (3) Ms. Osprey is determined to throw her weight around by controlling “Supernatural” and its producers; and (4) this executive has absolutely no understanding the series or its audience. Thus, she may intend to draw in more viewers by the addition of these characters, but her poor judgment will result in ever lower ratings. As her dreadful track record shows, she’s incompetent and should be replaced by CBS/Warner’s before the CW is destroyed.

    Mr. Kripke might save his series in one of two ways. He could make “Ruby” and “Bela” into villains–preferably demonic ones. If they’re supernatural characters, audiences might be accept the absurdity of the casting. Or, Mr. Kripke and the other writers could follow the same path as the producer of “Babylon,” who was also forced to create an inappropriate character for his series, played by a producer’s pet actor. The “Babylon” producer hired the actor, reduced the role to little more than a walk-on, and saved his show.

    Dawn Osprey may still have her job because her bosses believe they need a female exec to achieve political correctness. If so, CBS/Warner’s should either conduct a search for a capable female producer or set political correctness aside and hire a capable male.

  • donilou2

    The show does not need more regular or recurring characters, just better usage of what they already have.
    Also, to have younger hunters, male or female characterized as ‘Better hunters that Sam and Dean” is simply an insult to the heroes of this wonderful show, and the fans who love them. Fans who have already invested two seasons of emotion into the Winchesters do not want to see their heroes marginalized or diminished by inferior characters.
    I truly hope their inclusion has been carefully considered and is not the un-making of a great show.

  • Lola

    So, adding some Y chromosome is supposed to be a good thing? I never thought this show was missing anything. Maybe a little tweaking on the supernatural storylines and a little pull back on the angst after this past season and maybe a little more action but I personally think they’ve been doing a pretty great job with just the regular female guest stars each week and really don’t think the show needs to add two female hunters to the mix on a regular basis. Running in to one or two along the way? Sure. Adding anyone that we’re going to see fairly frequently? No thanks. Bobby works. Hell, I’ve never been Ellen’s biggest fan but part of that was because I didn’t like the concept of the roadhouse and there being one regular place for the boys to keep showing up at. At the end of season 2 I was actually ok with seeing Ellen a little more now that she didn’t have the roadhouse tying her down and it would be more palatable for me to see her meeting them somewhere once in a while as opposed to them stopping in at the little bar where everybody knows your name. Not often, mind you, which is the problem I’m going to have with these two new characters. Sorry, but I think it’s a bad idea. What attracted me to the show in the first place was that there was pretty much only Sam and Dean, and that there *weren’t* regular female characters their age. I don’t need every show I watch to be a study in gender equality and throw in female hunters just for the sake of throwing in two female hunters and to show that girls can kick ass, too. All that’s going to happen is the show is going to devolve into the usual pathetic relationship drama at some point. I don’t want that crap on Supernatural.

    If they don’t go there and have something specific to the story in mind, that doesn’t involve one or both of the boys falling in lurve with one of these gals, then I might be able to stomach it but even then, I’d better not be seeing much of these two. Having them turn up once or twice, to act as an atagonist or something, is believable but to have them repeatedly turn up would be entirely too contrived. The only way to work such characters in as regulars on this particular show would be to have them end up hunting with the boys and, I’m sorry, that’s just not acceptable to me. I signed on for Sam and Dean, two lone hunters on the road. Occasional help is fine. Running into the odd hunter is fine. Seeing said hunters on a regular basis is not fine. This is the Winchester story. I’d like to leave it at that. I really am not behind the idea of two other hunters invading the landscape and taking focus away from our boys in order to devote time to these two on a regular basis. Which, if they are to be anything more than eye candy for the male viewers, they’re going to have to do in order to give them any substance at all and that my friends *is* going to change the dynamic of the show. There’s just no way around that. And this isn’t just about gender. I don’t want *any* other hunters to show up and join the show on a regular basis. I love the hell out of Bobby but I wouldn’t want to see him too often, either. The only kick ass hunters I need/want to see on a regular basis are named Winchester.

  • Tamarind

    This is Jo all over again. She’s blonde, twig thin and weighs less than the weapons she’s supposed to be an expert with. She looks like she couldn’t fight her powder compact with any success. And better hunter than Dean and Sam? No one is supposed to be better than your principal characters. Hey CW – you want these hunter chicks so badly, give them their own show and keep them off Supernatural.

  • Susan

    I’m not a big fan of the Ruby/Bela move. I think its a big mistake if they are made regulars instead of reccuring characters. I just feel as reccuring characters i’m given more time to decide whether i’m going to like them or not. I’ve never seen katie Cassidy in anything,but i am planning to watch ‘Black Christmas’ to see if i like her acting style. I think miss Cassidy has a lot on her shoulders now. How she decides to play the character,her acting style,and how we the audience responds to her,and her character, will be the litmus test for continuing with this story idea. I wish her luck and hope that she respects the fandom in how she chooses to carry out this role.

  • Insanity–doing the same thing and expecting different results.

    Hmm…Jo-a terrible failure-and now her look a like, Katie Cassidy…Good God help us.

    Kripke, don’t ruin the best show on television. FIND SOME BELIEVABLE ACTRESSES!

  • sramyus

    The actress is under 21, very skinny and blonde-oh what a surprise. CW has descided that actresses over 25 and other than blonde must not be attractive. I do hope that Ms Cassidy can act, really really act. What is wrong with you people, why don’t you take some clues from the SciFi network. I almost think that the executives really want Supernatural to fail. I only watch CW because of Supernatural, once its gone so is CW. I do hope that the next actress you CW folks have in mind, fits the part. Would be nice if she is a minority, but that would be reaching.

  • Samantha

    I’m not crazy about the addition of these new new gals but as long as they are evil antagonists to Sam and Dean I think it could work as long as they are very evil with no midseason redemption. And please make Ruby be Meg in a new meatsuit. That would be awesome. And they better be just recurring in 4-5 episodes for the season. I’m just concerned that these 2 new gals being so young with barely any acting history will be able to handle these roles especially when they are working with the fabulous J2s whose chemistry roles off the screen and who are both amazing actors.

  • I’m not so sure the addition of two ‘regular’ female characters to Supernatural is the best move for the show continue it’s progression into season 3. Surely the main theme should be how Sam and Dean find a way of breaking the deal made in the season 2 finale. The addition of these two female characters is going to detract from that in a big way, particularly if there is the intention of developing a romantic storyline. To enlarge the world of Sam and Dean by introducing other hunters who appear in a few episodes is fine as long as it is left at that. The appeal of this show is the chemistry between the two brothers and their crusade, it would be tragic if that was spoiled for the sake of just placing two females for the sake of it. I do not feel these characters will enhance the series in any way.