TCA Press Tour 07 News Roundup

On Thursday, HBO announced that Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant will wrap up their brilliant follow-up to THE OFFICE — EXTRAS, with a one-hour special. Said president of HBO Entertainment Carolyn Strauss, “It’s been an honor to present this hilarious series on HBO and I can’t wait to see how Ricky and Stephen will wrap up the saga of Andy Millman.”

On a related note, this TV Addict will now wait with bated breath to discover which way NBC’s inevitable ‘Americanization’ of EXTRAS goes. Will fans get another success like THE OFFICE, or be subjected to the horror that was COUPLING? Stay Tuned.

Speaking of waiting, we’ve got some bad news for DEADWOOD fans. The pair of two-hour DEADWOOD TV movies that you were promised last year, well, don’t hold your breath. Word from the TCA’s is that creator David Milch is exhausted, having just finished up season one of JOHN FROM CINCINNATI. Apparently, Milch has had just as hard a time running the show as we’ve had figuring out what the frak is going on.

Korbi and Jen [who are filling in for Kristin while she’s on her honeymoon] did such a fantastic job covering yesterday’s NIP/TUCK panel that we thought it best to simply link to their report. It goes without saying, that after devouring Bradley Cooper’s brilliant-but-cancelled series KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL, we’re counting down the days until NIP/TUCK’s October premiere.

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  • Christina

    You misspelled Kristin’s name, and though the word “bate” is pretty rarely used, that’s the way to spell “bated breath.”

  • Thanks TV Addict, so glad you enjoyed my Nip/Tuck coverage!! Your support is much appreciated 🙂 xoxo, korbi