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If you’re not watching VH-1’s WORLD SERIES POP CULTURE TOURNAMENT, we might have to revoke your right to hang out on this site. How can any true TV Addict not watch a show which features categories such as Spelling Bee (in which questions revolve around Aaron Spelling shows) and teams name themselves after defunct television shows? Host Pat Kiernan (better known to viewers in the New York City area as the guy from New York 1) is the perfect host as he dryly reads rap lyrics (“Tonya’s got a big ol’ butt. Sonya’s got a big ol’ butt”) in order for contestants to guess the song in question. Despite being fairly low budget, the show zips along and proves more entertaining then AMERICAN IDOL could ever hope to be. But be sure to watch with a friend so you can prove your pop culture superiority. Because really, what good is being able to answer ever question in the Rump Shakers category if there’s no one there to awe with your knowledge?

Here’s something I never thought you’d hear me say: Thank God for BIG BROTHER 8’s Jen. If not for that lying, self-obsessed dim bulb, I might have written off this season as a lost cause. Heaven knows Thursday nights episode was a snoozefest. But that all changed on Sunday, thanks to the Jen-centric episode in which she whined about the photos chosen for her Head of Household room and was so caught up in her self that the meatheads created a drinking game in which they took a swig every time she said the word “I.” As for her nominations, frankly, I think Danielle might need to get out of that house via eviction before a second week on slop leaves them with no choice but to roll Skeletor out of there on a stretcher.

Perhaps the best thing about SOAPnet’s new series GENERAL HOSPITAL: NIGHT SHIFT (the second episode of which airs this Thursday at 11 p.m.) is the fact that for the most part, the mob — which has pretty much taken over the daytime version of Port Charles — was blessedly absent.Yes, it’s a tad confusing that NIGHT SHIFT wants to have its cake and eat it to by featuring popular GH characters while expecting viewers to completely ignore their daytime storylines, but I’m willing to forgive the show a lot (including those God-awful opening credits) since it actually focuses on the hospital, which has been pretty much abandoned by its afternoon counterpart. Meanwhile, to the many fans who fear that SHIFT’s mysterious burn patient is part of a plot to recast Brenda (played by LAS VEGAS beauty Vanessa Marcil), we’d be willing to bet it’s a major red herring. Let’s not forget that Brenda’s not the only Barrett on the canvas… right Coop? In any case, we’ll be tuning in every Thursday if for no other reason than to see Sonya Eddy, whose Epiphany might finally get a much-deserved storyline of her own… and with Billy Dee Williams, no less!

Holy Hermaphrodite, Batman! Sure, PASSIONS fans (and I’m sure there are still some out there… right?) should have guessed that the mysterious blackmailer was a hermaphrodite, what with that cool-ass costume he wears. But when Eve’s long-lost “son” whipped aside his skirt to show mommy dearest the result of her having washed down pills with liquor while pregnant, it was still a bit of a shock. And while the show didn’t come right out and say the H word, it was pretty clear from the look on Eve’s face exactly what she saw!

If you missed Joan Collins debut on FOOTBALLERS WIVES, never fear… you can catch a rebroadcast of the episode this Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on BBC-America before the debut of the latest episode. For those not in the know, WIVES is the wildly addictive British soap which puts America’s primetime sudsers to shame. This season, Joan Collins – best known as DYANSTY’s Alexis, and most recently horribly wasted as GUIDING LIGHT’s Alexandra a few years back – has joined the show as publisher Eva de Wolffe, whose got a dirty little secret (trust me… it’s a shocker!) and a bitter rival in the show’s long-reigning scheme queen, Tanya Turner. Even on a show which thrives on shocking plots, last week’s episode-closing tawdry twist was a jaw dropper. Although ABC passed on the American version of WIVES (which was slated to star Lucy Lawless as Tanya) , rumor has it several other networks are chomping at the bit to give it a go. But why watch what’s sure to be a watered down version when the original is so easily accessible?

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  • jessica

    I really liked Night Shift and I may be in the minority but I think its about time the recasted Brenda Barrett. I mean the recasted Carly 4x and we’ve managed to embrace at least 3 of the actress that have portrayed her, why not Brenda ( I mean yes Vanessa Marcil was great, but she has moved on it time GH did too.) I mean wouldn’t it be great it Coop was her nephew and she could intercede on his behalf to Sonny. Also Everyone needs to tune in to Footballers Wives it is wicked fun, I hope they make an American version. I heard they were going too and then nothing happened.

  • Christina

    Based on the fact that they had a character blame being intersex on the use of drugs during pregnancy (not true), I doubt that Passions would avoid the “H word” because it is outdated, but it is. The current term is “intersex”.