Isaiah Washington Returns to TV

Isaiah Washington is getting ready to go mano-a-mano with an up and coming television star. Unfortunately for TV fans everywhere, that star is not T.R. Knight.

According to USA TODAY, NBC is set to announce (at this morning’s TCA press tour) that Washington will guest-star on their most buzzed about new fall series BIONIC WOMAN. For at least five episodes, he’ll play an outsider with a mysterious agenda.

For exclusive TV Addict scoop on what his ‘mysterious agenda’ will be, click the link below.

Isaiah Washington’s mysterious agenda… REVIVING HIS CAREER!

In all seriousness though, we can’t help but think this is a brilliant move for both NBC and Isaiah Washington. Not only are both parties going to get an enormous amount of press from this signing, BIONIC WOMAN just became the fall’s most talked about new show. Love him or loathe him, we’re willing to bet you’ll be tuning into BIONIC WOMAN. Even if it’s only to see the Bionic Woman herself Jamie Summers kick some serious Washington butt.

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  • Linda B.

    I thought for sure ER would try to scoop him up. Same network though, so he’s on the right path.

  • Linda, I competely agree — as talked about in an earlier post!

  • I am debating on whether to wait until Friday in my normal column slot to talk about this, or maybe even writing about this tonight.

    All I can say is that while I respect the genius of this move in terms of marketing and publicity, I still think it’s disgusting.

    The guy can’t even admit that he did something wrong. I’m all for people being human and making mistakes, but I’m also for people ADMITTING it when they made a mistake, and not try to blame it on everything (and everyone) else.

  • Christina

    Actually, I’m now going to *not* watch “Bionic Woman” because they hired him. Try again.

  • I was really looking forward to the Bionic Woman. I can’t believe they hired Isaiah, I hate NBC for that. It’s not really for what he said to TR Knight (although that was the start of it all), it’s really more of how he acted after he was fired that bothers me. He blamed everyone but himself, and it made him look really stupid. I wonder why NBC would want to hire someone like that, and if any actors really want to work with him anymore. I want to write to NBC and complain, maybe there is still a chance they’ll change their mind? This move makes NBC seem like they’re okay with people saying and acting the way Isaiah did. Not good for NBC. I hate them for this. Ruin what looks to be one of the best shows next season with the presence of Isaiah.

  • Common Sense

    Can’t wait til he puts a choke-hold on the Bionic Woman, and she knocks him thru the wall.

    Has an actor ever done so much damage to his career by opening his fat piehole? This dude’s got more hidden agendas than a Bush pre-war cabinet meeting.

  • CS,

    Congrats. It took over a year, but you’re the first person to bring politics into

    The question of course remains: is anyone going to defend the President at this point?
    Anyone… Anyone?

    (Note: is based in Canada — a country that loves everybody)

  • Common Sense

    (I couldn’t think of anything else, off-hand, that had hidden agendas. I’m not really a raving politico. Hollywood handles that for all of us.)

  • Where is Canada again?

  • Michael — you may remember Canada from such shows as THE SIMPSONS… Homer referred to it as Canada Jr.

    We’re that little country above you that Michael Moore constantly likes to mention in his films as shining examples of what to do in terms of universal healthcare, gun control, etc…

    Wel also gave you Avril, Shatner, Mike Meyers, and yes, Celine Dion (for that I’m sorry)

  • Oh .. THAT Canada!

    You also gave us hockey, too. =P

  • shanna

    I agree with the TVAddict. Love ‘im or leave ‘im, IW is a great actor. I wasn’t planning on tuning into Bionic Woman but I’ll give it a chance with IW on.