A TV Addict Must Watch: DAMAGES

Rarely does the TV Addict get this excited, but it’s been exactly twenty-four hours since I finished watching my pilot screener of DAMAGES and truth be told, I have yet to stop thinking about it (especially that final scene!).

While I plan on posting a full review later in the week, let me say this — the summer TV season officially starts this July 24 at 10PM courtesy of FX Networks. Like NIP/TUCK and THE SHIELD before it — DAMAGES re-invents the legal drama providing viewers with one of the most exciting and thrilling hours of television since May’s LOST finale. Do yourself a favor and tune in. This TV Addict guarantees you won’t be disappointed.

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  • turkelton

    since this is an fx show i’m definitely going to give it a chance. i wasnt really looking forward to it though because im not really into legal dramas but if you say it is that good then i cant wait to watch! i hope i agree with you tvaddict!

  • Monkey

    Spill it Tvaddict!! The suspense is killing me!! Gaahhh!!