TCA Press Tour 07 News Roundup

At yesterday’s TCA press tour, NBC’s chose an interesting strategy when it came to promoting their brilliant but little watched gem FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. That plan — reveal pretty much everything that’s going to happen at the start of season two. Odd choice I suppose, but hey, if it’s going to attract new viewers to the best show on TV that you’re not watching, well this TV Addict’s all for it. For a complete round-up of some serious FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS spoilers, check out Maureen Ryan’s latest blog entry.

The success of the LAW & ORDER franchise is one of the worst things to ever happen to television. Never-ending LAW & ORDERS, three CSI’s, two STARGATES and now a GREY’S ANATOMY spin-off. If there’s one thing television doesn’t need, it’s more generic carbon copies of an already successful and proven formula.

That said, Dick Wolfe may have given us a reason to tune into LAW & ORDER this season. Turns out this TV Addict wasn’t the only one who fell in love with NBC’s short-lived-yet-brilliant series KIDNAPPED. ORDER mastermind Wolf admitted yesterday to a gaggle of reporters that he was a big admirerer of the show, resulting in the hiring of Jeremy Sisto and Linus Roache. Ladies and genteleman. LAW & ORDER may have finally gotten interesting. Stay Tuned…

Step 1: Give Isaiah Washington his first post-GREY’S ANATOMY gig, ensuring maximum media coverage and interest.

Step 2: Replace the BIONIC sister with the far hotter Lucy Hale. (HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER fans may remember Hale as Robin’s sister).

Step 3: Watch as BIONIC WOMAN quickly soars to the most buzzed about show online.

That my friends is how you create a guaranteed break-out hit come fall 2007. Congratulations NBC. Too bad you didn’t figure this out last season. Isaiah Washington would have made a great addition to STUDIO 60!

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  • Common Sense

    Igaiah or not, Marc Berman from MediaWeek this morning gave Bionic Woman “little to no chance of survival,” with odds of 9-1 (out of 10-1, with 1-1 being the best).

  • CS — While I didn’t see the article, that is a very surprising. While I agree it’s not the easiest sell and might have been better off on SCI FI, I would at the very least give it at 50/50 chance of survival.

  • You forgot to add that Katee Sackhoff has signed a deal with NBC to be a recurring cast member on Bionic!

    Love Katee, hate Isaiah. What’s a boy to do?