TCA Press Tour 07 News Roundup: CBS

Does anyone else find it ironic that CBS — the least interesting network on screen — seems to be [at least as of late] the most interesting network off?

At this morning’s CBS executive session, MandyGate was in full swing as intrepid reporters tried numerous times to get CBS president Nina Tassler to comment on what really happened between Mandy Patinkin and the bosses at CRIMINAL MINDS. Needless to say, Tassler wasn’t talking and even went as far as to change the subject to another tabloid train-wreck — MINDS co-star Shemar Moore. Who recently found himself the subject of some very revealing photos! (Photos that you definitely should not be checking out at work.)

As the session continued, reporters hammered Tassler on more behind-the-scenes antics, this time focusing on the nasty backstage fighting between NCIS star Mark Harmon and showrunner, make that ex-showrunner Don Bellisario. Once again, Tassler skirted the issue, saying, “it’s the natural evolution of the show.” Translation: don’t mess with the talent.

In news this TV Addict genuinely cares about, Tassler revealed that there will be more clues with regards to the identity of the oft-mentioned ‘mother’ on CBS’ best show, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER.

Quickly followed by a plethora of news we couldn’t care less about. The season premiere of COLD CASE will be an all-Nirvana episode. Jake will enter junior high on TWO AND A HALF MEN (no word on when the show will start to be funny) and on GHOST WHISPERER, we’ll learn Jim and Melinda didn’t choose Grandview, Grandview chose Jim and Melinda. I think we speak for everyone when I say, “I have no idea what Grandview is!”

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  • Jenny

    Pfffft. I’m interested in the GW news. 😛

  • Common Sense

    Hopefully the advertisers see that no one under 50—you know, the people with disposable income who are always willing to spend it—gives a flip about Les and CBS.

    Although I do like 48 Hours Mysteries (ashamed to admit it). 🙂

  • shanna

    i actually really got into CBS this year with Close to Home and Numb3rs as well as HIMYM and Cold Case. There are some under-50’s who enjoy CBS. I really love Amazing Race too.