The TV Addict Rant: Clueless Emmy Voters

In our second TV Addict Rant, Daniel (theTVaddict) takes on clueless Emmy Voter who clearly don’t actually watch TV. It goes without saying that OFFICE fans may not be happy with part of my rant! But hey, that’s half the fun. Agree, disagree, post away with your thoughts.

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  • Josh

    If you hadn’t ended the rant with that comment about Jenna Fischer’s well-deserved nomination, I’d have agreed with you on everything. It’s about time she got nominated IMO. She has still had some really funny scenes this season.

    I don’t think we’ll ever be happy with Emmy nominations, but Boston Legal appearing in the Best Drama category sorta makes them a complete joke. I’m not the biggest fan of Lost, but even I’d put that in there ahead of BL.

    There’s enough to be happy about though. I’m excited about The Office, 30 Rock, Heroes, Ugly Betty, and their assorted cast noms. Sally Field, Rachel Griffiths, Neil Patrick Harris (HIMYM should’ve been up for Best Comedy!), Chandra Wilson, and Jaime Pressly were also good choices.

  • Josh

    OH! And I need to point out the serious snub of Zach Braff and Scrubs from this year’s nominations. I actually just discovered the show this year, caught up on past seasons, and really think it is one of the Top 5 comedies on TV today, especially with the brilliant musical episode. I would’ve taken out Two and A Half Men (obviously) and Entourage (never seen it) and replaced them with Scrubs and HIMYM. That would be a perfect Comedy category.

  • Linda B.

    TVa – I so agree w/ you on 24.

  • Katen

    Even though I am the biggest fan of The Office, I have to agree. Jenna Fischer was great this season but worthy of an Emmy? I am not so sure. I would have rather seen John Krasinski nominated…Hey, there is always next year.
    Keep up the rants!Love ’em!

  • Katen,

    Thanks so much for the kind words about the rants and the support on my ‘Pam’ thoughts! Sure rant has netted me a few angry Pam emails, but I stand by my comments. Jenna Fischer was fantastic this season… and really grew the character of Pam emotionally. But once again, what exactly was comedic about Pam this season? Dumping Roy! Pining for Jim! The fact that nobody came to her art show! Show me the funny!

  • concernedcitizen

    still got the edge i see….excellent….but what about bsg’s writing and directing nods?

  • NikkiHolly

    yep, i completely agree. Let’s completely snub Friday Night Lights. Let’s snub the majority of the SciFi genre (seriously, not even an effects nomination for Supernatural? They have kick ass effects!). Let’s snub anything on the CW (Lauren Graham was robbed!! Alright Smallville, was nominated for sound. yippee, i’m bursting with excitement. Lauen Graham was still robbed, and Veronica Mars could’ve been given a nomination too.). It’s a fucking popularity contest over at the Emmy’s.

  • Hey, at least BSG got four noms this year. 🙂

  • Common Sense

    I just took the 2-min. to watch your recap, and did not disagree with one single word. Our TV tastes are obviously very similar. As for Jenna Fisher, I, too, love her…but the funniest female on the office: Kelly. She steals every scene she’s in, and usually makes me laugh out loud. Michael Emerson should be a shoo-in for his award (creepiest, most-compelling villain ever…possibly), but again, to shun LOST for Best Drama? Voters, it’s time to retire.

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  • mg714

    I have to say that yes, Pam last year wasn’t really a comedic character in the way that Dwight or Michael are on the show, or say Joy (Jaime Pressly) is on My Name is Earl. But I’ve said this on other sites – the cateogry is Best supporting actress in a comedy series, not best comedic supporting actress. The Office is a comedy series and in my opinion Jenna gave the best supporting performance by an actress on any comedy series last year. Just because her character didn’t make you laugh out loud all the time, doesn’t necessarly mean she didn’t give the best supporting performance in a comedy series.

  • Katen

    No problem backing you up, TheTvAddict!! I have almost always agreed with you!! More podcast are needed!! I wanna to hear you shut down Ari some more!!
    ohhh Lauren graham! Come on, it was her last year and they threw nothing! Medium…is a bad show. It sucks. Nothing more to say. Patricia Arquette is good at best not Emmy worthy.

  • Michaela Gilmore

    Well I have to say it’s no surprise but I am nonetheless majorly disappointed that the Emmy judges STILL won’t recognise the amazing writing and acting in Supernatural. I mean it nominates Heroes but not them?? In my mind the acting in this season of SN has been phenomenal. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki both deserve some credit and it should have been nominated for Best Drama and for those two.. There is no justice.. *sighs*