First Look: SMALLVILLE’S SuperGirl Laura Vandervoort

supergirl smallville Laura Vandervoort is thrilled to offer up what will no doubt become the most downloaded photo of the day. Take a look at SMALLVILLE’S newest hero β€” SuperGirl. Here’s hoping Laura Vandervoort isn’t the shy type. She’s just become the most drooled over fanboy fantasy of the week.

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  • Common Sense

    As Homer Simpson would say: “Mmmmmm….tube top.”

  • Jake

    Kool! Looking forward to the new season of Smallville =).

    “She’s just become the most drooled over fanboy fantasy of the week.” LOL. Agreed.

  • Dr. Acula

    I will start watching Smallville now, thank you casting gods.

  • ewanspotter

    Am I the only person who reads Vandervoort and Voldemort?

    Well, here’s to hoping her acting’s better than Kreuk’s.

  • beautiful girl!

  • Rob Catlin

    Very kewl that they chose Toronto Ontario Canada born Laura where part of the Superman legend was created. I wish her all the success in the world for her role on Smallville

  • eerily enough she kinda looks like she could be related to Tom Welling.

  • Amber S

    I know her acting from one of my fav shows!
    You guys n gals won’t be disapointed she’s a great actor!
    In other news she looks so pretty…:)
    (See Instant Star for part of her cred)

  • jeff

    As a Supergirl fan of over 30 years I hope the writers do her justice. She needs good stories to really get good ratings. I don’t regard her as a kid. To be a “protector” she needs to take her role seriously and the stories should reflect that. Too many times I see comments indicating she’s a little girl doing a grown ups part. The early comics showed her as being strong in protecting the world. As opposed to just finding herself. I prefer Supergirl performing Supergirl feats. Fighting thieves, aliens,criminals. Occasionally getting caught in kryptonite traps or other traps making her powerless. Or battling other super powered enemies, equaling her powers. That, to me makes exciting stories. It makes you wanting to see what happens the next week. This could very well be her way of getting her own TV show!!!

  • Rich Pitoniak

    Laura is a very sexy young woman iam so pumped for Kara.

  • jamsie

    lol common dudes this new supergirl is like the bestest supergirl theyev ever come up with πŸ™‚ im so hoping the new superman film had the 2 charectors who play clark & kara in smallville in the new film lol cuz there the bestest last 2 survivors of krypton ive ever seen πŸ™‚ aha buts thats just what i think lol πŸ™‚