TV Talkback: Emmy Nominations

Couch Tater: Okay, right off the bat I’m going to have to say that while I agreed with a heck of a lot of what you said in yesterday’s vodcast, I’m going to have to slap you down for dissing Jenna Fischer and her beloved alter ego, THE OFFICE’s Pam. Don’t make me hurt you! Then again, I suspect I’ll have a whole lot of her supporters offering to do the job for me! You were, however, right on where TWO AND A HALF MEN was concerned. How can there be two — count ’em, two! — women from that show (Holland Taylor and… wait, I can’t be reading this right… Conchata Ferrell?) nominated in the Supporting Actress Category. Hello? Shouldn’t UGLY BETTY’s Becki Newton (Amanda) have been there with co-star Vanessa Williams (Wilhelmina)? For that matter, how was Michael Urie’s hysterical turn as lap dog Marc overlooked? And don’t even get me started on the Supporting Actress In A Drama category.

theTVaddict: “Don’t even get me started on the Supporting Actress In A Drama category.” Okay, Allow me. William Shatner — Again! How many more years do Emmy voters have to recognize Shatner for playing crazy? And speaking of crazy… Conchata Ferrell – Huh! Honest to God, had she not been nominated for an Emmy, I never would have had any idea who she was. I thought TWO AND A HALF MEN was about well, two and a half men. What’s with all the women? And finally in defense of my vodcast. As much as I love Pam Beesley, please fill me in on exactly what was funny about the year she just had. From breaking up her seven year engagement, to pining after Jim and one really sad art show, there was nothing comedic about Jenna Fischer’s performance.
Couch Tater: Okay, now you’re just asking to be hurt. How about we move onto a topic we’ll agree on? Tell me BATTLESTAR GALACTICA didn’t get robbed. Oh, sure, they got some nods in the writing and directing categories, but no Outstanding Drama? No acting accolades? Then again, I’m getting used to the fact that shows I adore are going to be treated like red-headed stepchildren. GILMORE GIRLS is history and so are the chances of Lauren Graham or Alexis Bledel getting the recognition they deserve. Surely SVU’s Mariska Hargitay — whom I love but, lets face it, didn’t have a stellar year — could have been bumped for one of the Stars Hollow ladies. And is it really fair that the Supporting Actress category has six nominees from three shows? Yeah, sure, I love GREYS ANATOMY as much as the next person, but Sandra Oh, Katherine Heigl and Chandra Wilson? Talk about overkill. Oh… and how happy are you that both Mary-Louise Parker and Elizabeth Perkins were nominated for WEEDS? (I’d love nothing more than to see Parker win lead and Perkins take home supporting. Talk about your one-two punch!) Now let me take a wild guess: In the supporting actor in a comedy category, you’re handing a win to Neil Patrick Harris of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. Right?
theTVaddict: Couch Tater, it’s not as fun when we agree on everything! Of course BATTLESTAR GALACTICA was robbed. But after three seasons of being perennially snubbed, I’ve come to this conclusion. The only way Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell are going to see Emmy love is if they happen to guest star on TWO AND A HALF MEN. On the subject of Best Actress in a Drama, I completely agree that this year wasn’t Mariska Hargitays. And yes, in a category that has not one, or two but three doctors from Seattle Grace, surely voters could have made room for one Gilmore. Of course my Gilmore isn’t Lauren Graham or Alexis Bledel, it’s Kelly Bishop – who yet again delivered a tour-de-force performance as matriarch Emily Gilmore. Taking a break from taking shots at Emmy voters, Mary-Louise Parker/Elizabeth Perkins, brilliant! And yes, as I channel my inner Barney, an Emmy nod for Neil Patrick Harris is most definitely LegenDARY.
Couch Tater: I suppose that in the end, the Emmys prove that you can’t please all the people all the time. Let’s fact it: Even if every show and actor we mentioned here was nominated, there’d be something else to tick us off. I didn’t even mention the Reality category and the sin of nominating DANCING WITH THE STARS but not the far superior SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. The good news? Next year there’ll be at least a few more open spaces in many of the categories thanks to the fact that THE SOPRANOS has exited stage left. The bad news? TWO AND A HALF MEN will still be airing and eligible.

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  • shanna

    This is off-topic: no coverage of the Victoria Beckham special on Bravo last night?

  • Common Sense

    RE: Conchatta Ferrell’s nomination over some chick from Betty

    Maybe we can compromise, and nominate her as “Ugly Berta”

    I’ve always loved Conchatta, and still do…but honey, mix in a salad and facial once in awhile. You can still be an attractive woman, even tho you have to act in a pigpen of a show.

  • Tim Wilkins aka College Virgin

    Okay, my first year of college took away a lot of my tv time, but I can not agree more about TWO AND A HALF MEN. I, too, have tried to watch it and I didn’t laugh. As for Grey, I watched it all year and Sandra Oh’s meltdown get me out of this damn wedding dress is an Emmy winner. Hiegl should have won for Denny’s death. As for what’s NOT nominated, that’s been the case with Emmy voters since Knots Landing was constantly overlooked for the past glory days of LA LAW. PUH-LEEZE. The Emmys have always been compared to shooting fish in a barrel. Or better yet, like sex the first time. You’re bound to be disappointed. lol =) It’s always better in your head and that goes for the Emmy’s too.

  • Jay

    How could they not nom Jensen Ackles? He was amazing this season and I’m a bigger Jared Padalecki fan but Jensen was just..AMAZING!! The emmys suck!

  • TIM

    Granted, the Emmy nomination process is a flawed, imperfect system. I, for one, would like to see them move to “Single Episode” awards for programs and performances; instead of pretending they are honoring a full season’s worth of work. Nevertheless, the TV Academy gets to decide the process, and select the nominees and we need to respect their collective judgment. It’s not as if the system would have more credibility and integrity if “TV Addict” picked the nominees.

  • Thanks TIM… I’m all for awarding myself and the readers of the ability to choose the nominees.