TV Critics Get it Right

This just in — TV critics are smarter than they look!

Yesterday at the TCA Press tour, the Television Critics Association gave out their annual awards. And thankfully, in stark contrast to the recent Emmy nominations, TWO AND A HALF MEN was nowhere to be found.

NBC rookie FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS was awarded outstanding NEW program, while THE OFFICE took home the award for outstanding comedy. HEROES was named outstanding program of the year, while THE SOPRANOS was awarded most over-hyped finale outstanding achievement in a drama.

After being snubbed by Emmy voters, Michael C. Hall was recognized for his brilliant portrayal of Dexter Morgan by winning the individual achievement in a drama while Alec Baldwin was recognized for enduring Hollywood’s most talked about divorce individual achievement in a comedy.

All in all it’s nice to see that these so-called television critics may actually know a little something about television.

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  • TIM

    Yes, the television critics are brilliant. That’s why they honored “Planet Earth” as both the Best News Program and the Best Movie or Mini-Series of the Year; and why they chose “Heroes” as Best Program of the Year, and then chose “Friday Night Lights” instead of “Heroes” as the Best New Program of the Year!?! At least they got one thing right = congratulations to Michael C. Hall!!!

  • Josh

    They definitely got it right in my eyes. Heroes and The Office are my two favorite shows of the past TV season, and Alec Baldwin deserves all the awards he can get.

  • Nicole


  • Unfortunately they got it wrong. “Heroes” over “The Wire” for Best Program of the Year? Anyone who has seen both shows knows how laughable an assertion that is.