The TV Addict Conquers Comic Con

The TV Addict is getting set to head out on a West coast adventure. First stop Los Angeles, followed by a drive down the PCH to San Diego for Comic Con 2007. And yes, I know what you’re thinking — I’ll be sure to say ‘Hi’ to Weevil and the PCH’ers on the way down to Neptune, sorry San Diego.

In celebration of our trip to nerd fest Comic Con — is giving away a WHO WANTS TO BE A SUPERHERO? prize pack in an effort to help spread the word that [not surprisingly] Stan Lee’s WHO WANTS TO BE A SUPERHERO returns to SCI FI for a fantastic second season starting this Thursday July 26 at 9PM.

Interested in winning a Season One DVD, a Frakk Off t-shirt and one Feedback comic book? Simply post in the comments below your favorite childhood superhero and why. The winner will be notified via email on Wednesday August 1, 2007.

For more information on WHO WANTS TO BE A SUPERHERO? and to create your own superhero online, check out

  • Erica

    I wanted to be Jaime Summers when I grew up–if you could look past all that losing hearing, and a few limb. Never has bodily disfigurement seemed so appealing. Of course she was running neck and neck against the guy with arachnid radiation poisoning and a talking moose.

  • Erica

    I wanted to be Jaime Summers when I grew up–if you could look past all that losing hearing, and a few limbs. Never has bodily disfigurement seemed so appealing. Of course she was running neck and neck against the guy with arachnid radiation poisoning and a talking moose.

  • becky

    Definately Wonder Woman, I was even her for halloween when I was younger. I always felt like there needed to be more women superheros to show girls/women how capable we are and can do anything we set our minds too. Go girl power! 🙂

  • David D.

    I wanted to be Gambit when I was younger!

    First of all, I am a HUGE X-Men fan! (STILL!) and love the who wants to be a superhero show!
    Now back to why…

    Gambit is F-ing amazing! he has charm…to get the ladies! He can charge inanimate objects and he’s cajun! I WANT TO BE CAJUN! (!!!) Gambit has the most awesome catch lines and fighting skills…I mean he throws explosive playing cards! OMFG that is like the most kewl power ever!
    He has got a sence of humor and can fight with a staff. (Which he can “charge” up and strike the foe with!) He is acrobatic and did I mention he throws exploding plaing cards!

    Now I don’t think you can acctually comprehend just how awesome Gambit is but let me put it this way! TVaddict is awesome! But, If there was a picture of Gambit on the front page of this site! would be the best site ever and NOONE COULD EVER CHANGE THAT!
    I mean the only thing that could be better than that would be a montage background of “Lost”, “Scrubs”, “X-men” (90’s cartoon and evolution), and “two guys and a girl” on the tv addict’s front page! or I got to meet the cast of one of thoughs shows!

    That is how awesome gambit is! Gambit can make a starving little orphan girl, full and happy!
    Gambit can save a cat that is stuck in a tree.
    Gambit can cure AIDS, Cancer, Parkingson’s Desease, and Diarieha!
    Gambit can save you from 1000 or more attacking sentenels!
    Gambit could even have made X-Men 3: the last stand, a good movie if he were in it, even though we all know that Bret Rattner can do no good and is as tallented as the fly I swatted an hour earlier!

    Gambit is the best super hero, and I think he is great! and even if I donot win the prize…he is still #1 in my book! HELL YA! YIPPY KIYEAY MOTHER FRAKKER!

    ps. Daffy Duck is also kewl! TV addict rules! Wahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! also I really enjoy the new video rants…awesome keep it up!

  • Jennifer

    Have a great time, TVAddict!

  • shanna

    Lol. David D. totally took my guy (suprisingly). Though I didn’t want to BE Gambit. I wanted to date him. Gambit is my favorite superhero because he is a Southern gentleman with an edge. He comes from my fave place (N’awlins) and he has some not so great tendencies, I never like them all good.

    Still love Gambit and I’m so disappointed he didn’t make an appearance in any of the X-Men movies.

  • I used to spin like a wild man in my bedroom. I was that boy who sooo wanted to be Wonder Woman! The clanging of the bracelets, that gold lasoo and the hair? Sweet!

  • Common Sense

    Dear ducky . . . Too much information. (ha ha)

  • Common Sense

    Dear ducky . . . Too much information. (ha ha)

    Ahh, who’re we kiddin’? I thought Batgirl was the coolest babe on two wheels. Not sure I wanted to BE her. Definitely wore the BatMAN cape and shorts, though. Even went so far as to have a “Bat-Room” hideout (actually my grandma’s closet). That obsession lasted until, oh…The Partridge Family years.

  • I always wanted to be Batman as a youth. The movies never got me into the character too much, but the animated TV show definitely did.

    I loved how dark Batman could be, and yet, he was a really nice guy in everyday life. He always had control over keeping his crime fighting life out of his personal life. Unlike Superman, Spiderman, and the Green Lantern, anyone could be Batman. He didn’t have super powers, he was just an everyday guy trying to take a stand against those who mean harm. He always had a way with the theatrics as well, striking fear into his enemies, which was bloody brilliant. Plus hes a detective just like Sherlock Holmes.

    I heard of ‘Who Wants to be a Super-Hero’, but never got to actually watch it since I live in Canada and it wasn’t shown up here. But I think that its awesome that Stan Lee is trying to give a little hope to people out there who believe that the only way to fix the world is by having a super hero do it. If the world ever needed a super hero, now is the time, and in my opinion, the one who should come to our rescue is Batman.

  • turkelton

    i wanted to be spiderman because i loved the saturday morning cartoon as a kid and how cool would it be to swing through the city on spider webs

  • Sheindie

    Superman was my hero. My dad would read the comics to me and (I was 4) I would sit on his lap and follow along. ..when the T.V. program, starring George Reeves, came along, I loved him because of what he stood for: truth, justice and the American way. Since my parents were immigrants they took America into their hearts and they BOTH stood for truth and justice and helpful ways..Superman and my folks instilled the ethics which I live by..and helping others and doing what’s right, rather than what’s easy is what my first SuperHero, Superman, taught me.

  • David D.

    Turkelton, you name is awesome…I LOVE SCRUBS! And Donald Faison is a comic genius! Anywho, Spiderman did have a kewl show, I used to love watching Spiderman, and X-men on Fox Kids, oh! and Digimon, Iron Man, The Fantastic Four, The Hulk, Power Rangers, The Avengers, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! God I miss my childhood!

    Oy Viey! I’m getting old…AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! LOL!

    Oh by the way, TVADDICT what is your favorite superhero and why?!? I am just curious!