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In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, FX President John Landgraf proudly proclaimed that since his network can’t give a show a lead-in [like the broadcast networks] “it has to be appointment television for people to find it.”

Having recently finished the first episode of FX’s newest drama DAMAGES, this TV Addict has a message for Mr. Landgraf. Consider our appointment booked (for this Tuesday at 10PM on FX).

DAMAGES is unlike anything currently on television. In the grand tradition of THE SHIELD and NIP/TUCK, the show re-invents the legal world in which it’s set in. Gone are monotonous courtroom scenes, predictable verdicts and write-by-numbers villains. In FX’s latest legal thriller, nothing is what it seems, everybody’s working an angle and the line between good and bad is practically non-existent.

DAMAGES revolves around Ellen Parsons (Australian Rose Byrne), a brilliant young attorney who we’re first introduced to when she’s found wandering the streets of New York blood-soaked and confused. Why all the blood? What led to this horrible tragedy? Rest assured folks — this isn’t LOST. Within the hour questions start to get answered.

The show quickly flashes-back to six months prior where we first meet Parsons — the young woman who seemingly has it all. A loving boyfriend, a sister about to get married and a job offer from Hewes & Associates, one of New York’s most prestigious law firms. 

At the helm of Hewes & Associates is Patty Hewes (brilliantly played by Glenn Close). Hewes is so cut-throat, manipulative and brilliant that it makes James Woods’ Sebastian SHARK look like a guppy.  It’s clear from the outset that Close is having the time of her life playing a character that screams Emmy nomination. And lucky for us, through the eyes of Parsons we’ve got a front row seat to what is sure to be the court battle of the century.

Turns out Parsons has been specifically hired to help Hewes take on Arthur Frobisher (Ted Danson), one of America’s most powerful CEOs who’s been accused of stealing millions of dollars from his unsuspecting employees (think Enron). Of course this being FX, no job is that clear cut and what starts out as a dream quickly devolves into a nightmare. Within days, Parsons starts to realize that the people she thought she could trust may not be so trustworthy after-all and what she thought was an ideal job, may be just the opposite.

With so many question up in the air, and a shocking final scene that will haunt you all week long, we can only guarantee one thing. Tune into the series premiere of  DAMAGES this Tuesday and you’ll be hooked. It’s the very definition of appointment TV.

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  • “Appointment TV” is a great way to put it. DAMAGES is definitely must watch. It takes many different elements you may have seen before, but mixes them in such away to make it fresh and compelling. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in the second episode.