Comic Con Communique 1

comic con 2007 sandiego paramount


As I sit amidst 6,500 of my closest nerd compatriots anxiously awaiting the start of the PARAMOUNT Pictures Panel a few things cross my mind. First off, if there was to be a sudden nuclear explosion, wiping out most of the US, there would probably be enough nerd, sorry, brain power to salvage most of mankind. Secondly, I probably should offer up some photographic evidence that I’m actually here so that readers don’t think I’m pulling a ‘Jason Blair’ and am faking this entire trip.

So here it goes, the first of what will no doubt be many embarassing photos. Enjoy.

comic con 2007 sandiego paramount

comic con 2007 sandiego paramount

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  • Wish I was there rather than sitting at the airport in San Francisco. Have fun at the LOST panel tonight, I can’t believe I’m missing it. I’ll be nice and drunk by the time we all go to dinner.

  • Matt P

    “NERD FEST Log 1: 4:32PM PST, LOCATION: HALL H” 4:32??? It is only 4:30 here in central time so how could it be 4:30 out there on the west coast??

    Hope you have a great time at the Paramount presentation, eager to find out about Star Trek.

  • Sorry Matt…. My MAC’s clock is still on east coast time!