2007 Comic Con: LOST Panel

lost comic con panel 2007

3:36PM: Sitting in Ballroom 20 waiting for the LOST panel to start. Bad news, I’ve got an hour and twenty minutes to go. Worse news, the surrounding Comic Con attendees have yet to discover deodorant. Stay Tuned..

4:55PM: T-Minus Five Minutes….

5:12PM: Boy the announcer is on a power trip, she really doesn’t shut up. Panel starting in minutes….

5:19PM: The panel is starting and thankfully some very cool LOSTies have found their way off the island. Joining us on stage are showrunners Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse (both are wearing pants).

5:23PM: Obligatory LOST advertisement… LOST the video game, coming February 2007. The secret of Comic Con — it’s really just one big advertisement! Which by the way works, check out the exclusive first trailer here.

5:26PM: Lindeloff and Cuse have brought along a bell to ring whenever they feel the other one is about to go overboard in terms of spoilers. To quote Homer Simpson, “D’OH!”

5:28PM: The firing line begins… Fan Q&A… Get Ready.

5:30PM: Lindeloff and Cuse are asked about the writing process… SNOORE! To sum up, all writers contribute, yet in the end, Lindeloff and Cuse have the final say. Great waste of five minutes fanboy. Here’s hoping the rest of the event’s questions are better [they are!]

5:33PM Lindeloff swears his pants are already off…. tells the audience to watch his left hand. Audience groans, Cuse rings the bell. Audience laughs.

5:35PM Fan question: Where’s Michael??? As announced yesterday at those pesky TCA’s… Harold Perrineau will be back this season. Way too ruin the fun so-called TV critics!

5:36PM: Cuse and Lindeloff promise MORE FLASH FORWARD scenes in future episodes. Cuse says: “Going forward, the show will feature flashbacks and flash forwards.” Lindeloff: “But how forward and with whom — the audience will be pleasantly surprised.”

5:37PM: Fan question: Will Jack and Claire discover that they’re brother and sister in season four? As Cuse furiously tries to ring the bell! Damon nods YES!

5:47PM: One nutty fan DEMANDS to know more about Michael! Cue the obvious: MICHAEL COMES ON STAGE!!!

5:48PM: As the room erupts in applause, Harold Perrineau walks on stage… “Man I missed you all, I’m really excited to go back to Hawaii and hang out with all my friends.” Yes, shooting LOST in Hawaii pretty much sounds like the world’s greatest job. Needless to say, this TV Addict’s jealous.

5:50PM Lindeloff: “Harold is a series regular, not coming back for a one off. We’re not going to tell you WHEN, but it is going to be early in the fourth season. I think the way that we’re doing it is going to be fairly awesome.” Here’s hoping it’s not ‘fairly awesome’ in the same way in which Nikki and Paulo’s story were supposed to be ‘fairly awesome’.

5:54PM: Lindeloff: “A benefit of doing only sixteen episodes, we can do more mobisodes, more of the LOST experience, book tie-ins”… Great, more money for fans to shell out!

5:59PM: Fan asks about Nestor Carbonell returning (he’s starring this fall on a new CBS show called CANE)… The fan is a little too obsessed with Carbonell… I think he may be his brother.

6:00PM: Fan yells out… “Who’s in the coffin?” Lindeloff asks Harold who he thinks is in the coffin. Harold thinks Locke is in the coffin.

6:02PM: Fan asks about Libby. Cuse: “It is our intention to get to Libby’s story this year. We think you’ll all be happy with the outcome.” Lindeloff: “You’re not barking up the wrong tree with your questions (ie. Libby may work with/for Dharma)”

6:03: Will Rosseau be getting a flashback? Cuse: “This season or next.” Lindeloff: “There are important plots that have to be….” (Cuse rings the bell!)

6:07PM: Boring fan question about the Monster…. Pointless rambling… blah blah blah… Lindeloff: “The monster will be definitively answered… eventually. Cuse: Not every answer will be answered at the end of the show, we promise, not 10 seconds of blank tape.” Lindeloff: “20 seconds!”

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  • Jonathan Gabay

    OMG I remember last year at the Simpsons Panel
    I thought i was going to pass out from the smell
    it wasnt even funny
    If your reading this, and your at the Con- SHOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TV Addict we should hang out!! Ill be there tonight for the whole weekend

  • h

    Shades of Jay and Jack’s “anyways” bell.

  • Shannon

    I’m really glad to know that Jack and Claire will find out they’re related…I mean Juliet made it very clear to Kate that she knew everything about Jack…so it always annoyed me that she hadn’t told Jack he had a sister…AWESOME!!!

  • Common Sense

    “Cuse: Not every answer will be answered at the end of the show, we promise, not 10 seconds of blank tape. Lindeloff: 20 seconds!”

    WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?? ARE WE, OR ARE WE NOT, GOING TO GET ANSWERS TO ALL OF OUR QUESTIONS? I hope it was a misprint, or a misquote. If we’re not going to get answers, why are we bothering to frustrate ourselves by watching all of these questions?

    Please clear this up. You know how much I love this show.

  • Tim Wilkins aka College Virgin

    Wow. Love that we now know they’ll be doing both past and future flash forwards. I was wondering if I was seeing a new beginning of Lost with select home and then trying to get back. Thus the flashbacks of who didn’t make it. LOL Sorry. Had my own theory. Thanks tvaddict.

  • Common Sense. My interpretation of the answer to the question, and I may not have quoted it correctly was that we’ll get the major answers to the big questions…. there won’t be a sopranos ending that you have to interpret. But that’s not to say little things may be left up to your imagination.

  • shanna

    Yea, I would want the major mysteries answered but I don’t think everything HAS to be definitive. I don’t need to know exactly how everyone walked off into the sunset.

  • Common Sense

    Everything on the show/island was obviously done for a reason…otherwise there wouldn’t be sites dedicated to the minute little details the producers go out of their way to get “just right.”

    So if every single question is not answered during the course of the show (and frankly, why wouldn’t they be??), I would appreciate an “After-LOST” follow up TV special–or a book or website, if need be–where the producers would fully answer the queries that the legions of fans have.