The TV Addict Answers Your Comic Con Questions

With Nerd Fest Comic Con starting tomorrow I thought I’d take a moment to answer a few of the questions that I’ve been sent throughout the week with regards to this weekend’s big event.

1. What costume will you be donning at this year’s Comic Con? — Mary
The TV Addict: While my initial plan was to dress up as Wolverine, I quickly realized that I was never going to top this guy. Hence, I’ll be taking the low-key approach to my comic con costume [drum-roll please…] The TV Addict will be dressing up as the fifth cylon from BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. Translation for those of you who don’t speak ‘nerd’: I’ll be human.

2. What panels will you be attending? — Jeff
The TV Addict: While my schedule’s still up in the air, I’ll definitely be attending the panels for LOST, PARAMOUNT, PUSHING DAISIES, BIONIC WOMAN, THE SIMPSONS, TV GUIDE’S HOT LIST, HEROES, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, FUTURAMA and THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES. Panels I’d like to check out but may not have the time include TIN MAN, FLASH GORDON and SUPERNATURAL.

3. While I’m incredibly bitter that you’re at Comic Con and I’m not, I still want to follow along on your adventure! How can I stalk you from afar? — Jenn
The TV Addict: Great question Jenn. Thanks to the wonder that is the internet, following people is easier than ever. Not only will I be live blogging throughout the weekend, you can follow me virtually via Twitter. Add me as a friend to be sent wireless updates in real time. Thanks Twitter for bringing stalking into the twenty-first century!

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  • Steven

    You should definitely go to the “Chuck” panel! The show rocks and will (hopefully) be one of the breakout hits this coming season.

  • Steven, Agreed. I absolutely loved CHUCK, just not sure I can fit in the panel. I’ll keep you posted.

  • Shannon

    Try and get scoop on Heroes…like is the Haitian gonna be back (also why doesn’t he have a name yet) Wondering about Claude, Agent Hanson, Molly and Hana too…let us know what you know!!! Also please, please, please try really hard to make it to the Supernatural panel, I love that show and would love all the scoop you can get!!! Thanks

  • Jake

    OMG can’t wait til The Sarah Connor Chronicles premieres! It looks fantastic. Same goes for Chuck.

    Oh oh oh, are you going to the Kyle XY panel?

  • Shannon

    Okay so I know its a long shot…since for 1. I don’t see it on your list and 2. because I know how busy your gonna be, but could you try and ask Joss Whedon at his Buffy season 8 panel, if he plans to come back to television? I think it’d be awesome if he could make his comic book series Fray into a show (it would certainly attract all the Buffy and Angel fans) or the Runaways (with Brian K. Vaughn) I love both those comics and think both would make excellent tv shows…Thanks