Comic Con Communique 2

Comic Con — Not just for Nerds anymore™

Okay, with slogans like that the TV Addict may not be asked to join the Comic Con marketing team anytime soon. But having just spent one day in beautiful San Diego, one thing is quite clear — Comic Con is Cool™ (How does that sound?)

Thanks to Hollywood’s need to reach the internet generation, Comic Con has quietly transformed itself [over the past thirty-eight years] into North America’s preeminent fan event. Yesterday alone, LOST revealed Michael (Harold Perrineau) was returning to the island. JJ Abrams introduced us to STAR TREK’S new Spock (Zachary Quinto). And Steven Speilberg, Shia LeBeouf, Harrison Ford, Karen Allen and Ray Winstone took a few minutes off from shooting the new INDIANA JONES movie to talk to fans live via satellite.

Rest assured, there’s still plenty of Storm Troopers and Luke Skywalkers (complete with adorable Yoda backpacks) roaming the halls if you have a fetish for costumed characters. But there’s also kids of all ages, families and most surprisingly of all —girls! (Guys, take note: Geek is the new black).

So what are you waiting for? Turn off your TV, shut down your computer and come on down and join the TV Addict in sunny San Diego (but give yourself a lot of time, traffic is killer). I guarantee that you’ll quickly come to realize — as I have — that Comic Con truly is “more than meets the eye™” (what? that slogan’s taken?! D’OH!)

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  • jess

    Sounds like your having a lot of fun. wish i was there.