katee sackhoff comic con 2007 san diego

This year’s BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Panel was all about the ladies. Joining Showrunners Ronald D. Moore and David Eick on stage were Tricia Helfer (Six), Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck), Mary McDonnell (President Roslin) and one surprise guest. To discover who dropped by the panel, click the link below. (Spoilers Ahead!)

Turns out Lucy Lawless will return to GALACTICA for its fourth and final season. Lawless’ D’anna will be “unboxed” for a three episode arc late in the season. What else did we learn from BSG’s final Comic Con Panel? Quite honestly, not much. But who are we too complain? We just spent an hour with Tricia Helfer, Katee Sackhoff, Mary McDonnell and Lucy Lawless.

Moore promised that not everybody will make it to earth, Lee Adama will be taking a really interesting journey and the Cylon nation will go through a very surprising transition. Moore also said, “I think I would say Baltar and Six’s,” when asked which character’s destiny fans will be most surprised by. Added executive producer David Eick [jokingly, we think], “the question we want to answer most is which of the crew of Galactica is NOT a cylon!”

While the fourth season won’t start until January 2008, fans can rest easy knowing that RAZOR, the two hour GALACTICA movie will premiere November 24, 2007 on the SCI FI Network. The movie, which is actually a two hour extended episode will not resolve the season finale cliffhanger, but rather set up certain story-lines that will play out throughout the fourth season. Having already suffered through three months without our beloved GALACTICA, we’ll take what we can get.

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