Comic Con Live Blog: SUPERNATURAL

supernatural comic con 2007 jared padalecki jensen ackles

Knowing how dedicated SUPERNATURAL fans are, I knew I couldn’t leave Comic Con without snagging at least one photo of the Winchester Boys. Make that Winchester BOY, as Jared couldn’t make it since he missed his flight. So here they are — the best I could do. Really. I apologize for the poor quality, but rest assured I quite literally risked life and limb to get as close as I could. Thousands of screaming fans… where’s a demon hunter when you need one?

supernatural comic con 2007 jared padalecki jensen ackles

supernatural comic con 2007 jared padalecki jensen ackles

supernatural comic con 2007 jared padalecki jensen ackles

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  • Thank you for posting these!
    As a very dedicated Supernatural fan who couldn’t make it to the Con, I truly appreciate it!

  • yasmine32068

    I have been on pins and needles all day waiting for things to start trickling in!!! Thanks so much!

  • Tweedle

    Oh Jensen Looks positively THRILLED lol


  • Thank you SO MUCH for bringing back some SPN content! No other website or publication seems interested so you’re a hero! *Thank You Hug*

  • Mel

    You’re the best, TVAddict!!!

  • NikkiHolly

    Thanks for risking your life for us! 🙂

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  • Cassie

    Since I live nearby and I’m home already, I might as well comment!

    I was there, close to the front because I sat through the panel before.. and I have to admit, I had no idea it would be so packed!!!! Crazy time. Jensen did not look thrilled to be there, now that I think about it. Then again, who would be? He looked like he was in shock as soon as he stepped out and realized how many fans were in the room. And then he drank like eight cups of water and proceeded to try to speak up with hundreds of cameras flashing in his face. He was even missing Jared, his wingman, which everyone was really sad about.

    But it was a great panel overall, and we learned some interesting things! I didn’t make it to the autograph signing because there was practically a stampede, but I figure sooner or later I’ll get his autograph… and I’m kind of glad, because wow. That looks like a madhouse. I was getting claustrophobic in there. Then again, he’s getting paid for it, right? He’s a really nice guy.

  • Jay

    I love you, T.V. Addict!! Thanks so much 4 these!!

  • ewanspotter

    You’re my hero.

  • Mana

    You are quite awesome… Looks like Hell in there.

    Thank you, the effort is much appreciated!

  • Jillian

    It’s been a long summer waiting for season three. Thanks for the snapshots!

  • Rooky Kadell

    Wow!!! Awsome pics of Jensen from Tv Addict !!! Thanks a lot for posting these exciting photos of the ‘Comic Con Live Blog’ … so disappointing not to see Jared with Jensen …it’s funny that he missed his flight !!!! you guys are so lucky to be there …I wish I could be there too enjoying this great event just to see Jensen …he’s such a sexy cool guy…. !!! I can’t wait for Season 3 but since I am in UK here …unfortunately we’ll have to wait for next year!!!! that’s so not fair ….All my love and good wishes to you all of Supernatural Fans !!!! Love U Jensen & Jared !!! You’re the Best …

  • bjxmas

    Glad to see someone got close enough to get some pics of the signings. Security must have had their hands full, it was such tight quarters. They really should have had the signing somewhere where they could control the crowds better. I was there before it started and I couldn’t even get turned around to head to the exits. It was shear madness and if I was Jensen, I would be overwhelmed too.

    It almost seemed like Warner Brothers was trying to make their booth a hub of excitement. Everytime I was there trying to get a Supernatural poster, I couldn’t get near the table, just total chaos. I too hate crowds and I would especially hate to be in Jensen’s position with all those people surging towards you. I know they appreciate the fans, but it has got to be scary.

  • gayguy

    Thanks Hun, for the heart-stopping gorgeous pic of Jensen. Even with a smug shot like that, how on earth he stills manages to look sooooo ultra HOT is beyond me. Just looking at his pic makes me want to rip off his shirt, and then his undershirt ….. Damn, the multi-layers….. Wish I was at the comic con to drool over him !

    Also, it was neat to know that he’s shy. I would love to see him all blushing red like a new bride 😉 Missing Jared, but seeing Jensen with his pretty face and Revlon lashes makes it all better.

  • WoW!!! Thanks …Really wish I lived that close. Missing Jared to.. Much Love Patricia

  • Awsome pics , I am a SN fan & one cannot wait for season 3 even though here in the UK we will have to wait a long time before it returns, but in the meantime I am struggling to find pics to add so if anyone can donate any pics that would be great, i will place ones first name nr pics.
    Thanx oh but I have added some pics some of you may or may not have seen so please check out my url

  • Carolina

    Holaaa! This is so awsome!! I like the pics of Jensen =) he’s so gorgeous.. but were is Jared!? xD jaja
    I don’t understand very much.. Well.. I from Argentina.. and don’t speack english very well.. =D
    But is all rigth.. Awsome site.. With love.. Caro (: Chauu!!