SuperGirl Lands in Comic Con

new supergirl laura vandervoort smallville

Hoping to capitalize on the super hero hype surrounding Comic Con, the CW Network has released two new photos of the new SuperGirl, actress Laura Vandervoort. Speaking to SCI FI Wire at this weekend’s Comic Con, Vandervoort had this to say about her character and what it feels like to join such an established show.

On her relationship with Clark: “On Krypton, I was older than him. He was a baby. We were both sent to Earth, and I got trapped in suspended animation and didn’t age. I come out of my ship looking for a baby, and see this 6-foot-3-inch beautiful man, and I don’t believe that is him.”

On her first day on the set: “I am just finishing the first episode ‘Bizarro. The first day I was shaking in my boots, literally. I was wearing boots. But I’m not in the suit. I come in something else, which you will see.”

supergirl laura vandervoort

In other SMALLVILLE related news, fans may be surprised to learn that SuperGirl is not the only addition fans should be excited for come next season. Fan favorite Oliver Queen (Justin Hartley) will be returning mid-season in addition to Martian Manhunter John Jones (Phil Morris) and Dean Cain.

Unfortunately, one face you won’t be seeing drop by SMALLVILLE anytime soon is the long-awaited guest appearance by Bruce Wayne. Showrunners Al Miller and Miles Gough told the disappointed Comic Con audience that the WB won’t allow them to use Batman, but Wonder Woman is still a possibility (they ask for permission every year).

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  • ewanspotter

    Supergirl’s gonna be a classy act. I can already tell.


    Oh, Smallville. How do you say, “Jumped the shark (three seasons ago)!” in Kryptonian?

  • Rich Pitoniak

    iam so pumped for Kara Laura Vandervoort sound like a cool young woman from interviews i have seen her in, and she is insanely gorgeous i think she will do good on smallville, i hope Laura gets her own spinoff series that would rock.

  • Pierre Durand

    I abandoned Smallville a long time ago. They fell into to prolonging and milking developments in the Superman character like I knew the show was destined to do.

    It was a great premise “The Superman’s teenage years” but he eventually has to grow up and become SuperMAN (emphasis on man). The started to lose me when they introduced Lois Lane WAY to early in his life on earth.

    Oddly enough the back story to introducing Kara (Supergirl) sounds really good. If they hadn’t blown everything else by taking such ridiculous creative license with the characters, I might look forward to Ka-lel and Kara’s first meeting.

    Well here’s looking forward to Ironman and the Dark Knight.