The Party is Over

After a fantastic week in Los Angeles and San Diego, the party (as my mom used to say upon my arrival home from camp) is officially over. The TV Addict is back home in Toronto (Canada) and all I’ve got to show for it — aside from tons of photos, stories and celebrity encounters — are the memories. Or to be more specific, recaps of the SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES panel (best panel ever!), HEROES, BATTLESTAR and much much more.

To start us off, here’s a photo from the TV Addict’s first ever surf lesson (Kudos to the photographer for managing to capture the one moment I actually stayed on the board!). While things like ‘coherent storytelling’ and ‘character development’ may not be JOHN FROM CINCINNATI’S strong suit — the show is good for one thing. It inspired me to want to learn how to surf! Who says TV isn’t good for something?

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  • Christina

    “CONNER” should be “CONNOR” and “say’s” should be “says.”