Download DAMAGES For Free

Missed last week’s FX premiere of DAMAGES? Well thanks to iTunes, it’s not too late to catch up. Click here to download the pilot from iTunes and find out why has made DAMAGES a “can’t miss.”

Already hooked? How about some spoilers for tonight’s second episode. Okay ‘spoilers’ is probably the wrong word, as I’m not about to ruin the fun. But having already seen the episode, I will say that Ellen’s fiance is not the only family member whose life is in danger and yet again Glenn Close manages to surprise. DAMAGES airs tonight on FX at 10PM.

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    I’m surprised people are calling this a show full of twists. Frankly hubby and I called every one in the pilot including the duplicitous associate and the dog. Guess that’s what happens when LOST is what you hold up as the bar. But I’ll be watching tonight because hey, what the heck else is on.

  • h, while I predicted the duplicitious associate, I did not in a million years guess the dog thing. Perhaps it’s because I’m an obsessed Dog owner and simply can’t go there!