The TV Addict Thanks Jason Smilovic

jason smilovic bionic woman kidnapped

While Jason Smilovic may not be a household name, to this TV Addict, he just so happens to be the man responsible for last season’s most exciting [and short-lived] drama KIDNAPPED. So when Amrie [of My Take on TV fame] spotted him walking down the aisle following Saturday’s BIONIC WOMAN panel, this TV Addict couldn’t pass up the opportunity to thank him for his work on the show and joke with him about the show’s brilliant yet maddening ending (One that I’m not about to spoil here!) Needless to say, Jason was very appreciative and thanked me for being the only loyal viewer outside of his immediate family.

Missed KIDNAPPED entirely? You can buy the complete series — fantastic ending included — at Amazon by clicking here.

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  • KIDNAPPED? Really? So you are the one that watched it!!

  • Joe in LA

    I am not related to him either and I watched the entire series, even after it was put on the web only! Great show throughout, and capped with a fantastic ending.