Burning Questions From Comic Con

With Comic Con officially over, all that this TV Addict is left with — aside from somewhat of a sunburn and far too much swag — are questions. With that in mind, I thought I’d through a few out knowing full well my readers are far smarter than a fifth grader me.

1. With the announcement that Zachary Quinto has been cast as the new Spock, where does that leave the character of Sylar on HEROES?

2. At the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA panel, showrunner Ronald D. Moore promised that there would be a lot of Adama/Starbuck interaction in the January 2008 series premiere. Which Adama was he referring to?

3. Did Jared Padelecki REALLY miss his flight to Comic Con? Or was he simply terrified of being trampled by 10,000 screaming fans. Honestly, having walked by the SUPERNATURAL booth, I really wouldn’t blame him either way.

4. Was anyone else surpised how much Tricia Helfer (BSG’S Six) resembled Julia Roberts (specifically in the giant smile area!).

5. With the anouncement that Kevin Smith will direct the first installment of HEROES: ORIGINS, is anyone willing to put money down that JJ Abrams will be next in line (Greg Grunberg promised he’d put in a good word).

6. Which of the HEROES cast members that attended this year’s HEROES panel will be missing from next years?

7. Does anyone else find it odd that two British actresses (Michelle Ryan and Lena Headey) will be playing two of America’s most iconic female heroines this coming season. (The Bionic Woman and Sarah Connor respectively).

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  • the-good-shepherd

    1. Well, as far as we know Sylar will be a regular Cast-Member next Season, so the real question is, where will he be in a year?
    2. I guess he was referring to the old man.
    3. I would’t blame him either, but i think he really missed it.
    4. Yes.
    5. That would be awesome and since Greg an J.J. are so tight friends, i guess there is at least a chance, that he will be seriously think about it.
    6. My guess: Adrian Pasdar and Ali Larter
    7. I think it doesn’t really matter where an actor comes from, as long as he or she is a good actor/actress and plays his role with dedication and authenticy.

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  • Emily

    I think Jared honestly missed it. 🙂 Jensen is the shy one and he made it, Jared seems to love bunches of people, he’s super outgoing, so I’m sure he’d have been there if he could have.