It’s Official: Whoopi Joins THE VIEW

On today’s episode of THE VIEW, Barbara Walters made the expected announcement that Whoopi Goldberg will be filling the vacant seat left by Rosie O’Donnell (who filled the vacant seat left by Meredith Viera) on the upcoming eleventh season of THE VIEW.

That sound you just heard — this TV Addict removing THE VIEW from his Must Watch List. Nothing against Goldberg, whom I’ve always enjoyed on both the big screen and small. But simply put, THE VIEW is about controversy, and with Rosie at the helm, controversy was never in short supply. Whoopie was the safe choice, not the best one.

Agree, disagree, post away with your choice for the host.

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  • nctodc

    Was there another co-host (in the running) that you would’ve preferred to Goldberg?

  • I think Kathy Griffin would have been a great choice. She speaks her mind and doesn’t hold back. Roseanne also would have been interesting, although I no doubt would have tired of her. I just feel that Whoopi’s too nice, and the beauty of this season’s VIEW was the spirited arguments.

  • Jenn

    Well, one good thing about Whoopi is that Barbara Walters will not be able to control what she says like she does with Elizabeth. Whoopi will be honest and not be afraid to bring up controversial topics…something lacking since Rosie left the show.

  • My vote would have been for Isaiah Washington. He could have brought a good share of controversy and nearly as much testosterone as Rosie.

  • tcgc

    Kathy Griffin is just annoying and has nothing good to say.
    My first choice would be Mario Lopez….umm no…jo-ey fatone…ummm no…they would never fly and I don’t think they would ever bring a guy on…
    so my number one choice…Amber! as in Rob and Amber…and then Boston Rob could make guest appearances and rile up the women.

  • tcgc

    another choice…perhaps to bring some wit on to show…ariel…lol.

  • Jennifer

    kathy griffin is so very annoying………i’m actually looking forward to whoopi goldberg, she has a dry wit (at times) that is hilarious. give her a chance, tvaddict!

  • I really liked Rosie, even if I didn’t agree with what she said a lot of the time. It made for interesting TV. And yes, Kathy Griffin would have been much more interesting.

  • veronicaveronica

    I was hoping for either Joan Rivers or Wanda Sykes,they make me laugh.I guess Whoopie is a safe choice