Random Musings for a Wednesday

Wish you could watch DAMAGES, but live in Canada (ie. that country above America, or as Homer Simpson calls it ‘America Junior’)? Well tonight’s your chance. MyNetworkTV (Rogers Cable Channel 167) is re-airing the first two episodes tonight, starting at 8PM. Mark your calendars folks, August 1, 2007 — the first day MyNetworkTV actually aired something worth watching.

Were you one of the thousands of unlucky HEREOS fans (yes, I’m talking to you Ducky and GMMR) who weren’t able to attend Saturday’s HEREOS panel at the San Diego Comic Con? NBC, easily the most digital saavy of the big five networks has just posted a replay of the panel online. Check it out by clicking here and prepare yourself for a serious HEROES lovefest. Evidently fanboys forgot how disappointing the season finale was.

Want a sneak peak of the third season premiere of WEEDS that doesn’t involved illegally downloading it? Become a Showtime VIP Insider. In a brilliant move to snag your personal info, simply click here, sign over your first born! and enjoy the fantastic third season premiere of Showtime’s funniest comedy.

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  • h

    Thank you NBC for posting this panel. I wish ABC would learn from you instead of leaving fans to rely on shaky YouTube videos to find out about its shows.

    Someone did try to bring up the lackluster Heroes finale and got booed down by Joseph Loeb. The message I took from the panel as a fan was buy into everything we’re selling and don’t try to offer us ideas and we’ll love you baby. Despite all the hoopla basically nothing was given away about what happened in Season 1 and what might happen in Season 2 other than the stuff about Origins and the alledged “grounding” of the show in worldwide evolution.

    Still, I’ll be watching come Sept. 24th, though I’ll pass on the DVDs unless I win the autographed set from Paramount.

  • Yeah I thought that was hilarious, and very telling. While LOST showrunners Lindeloff and Cuse joked that their questions were too nice, with Cuse mentioning that someone’s got to go off on the show or else Lindeloff won’t have anything to complain about this season. The HEROES panel completely shut down the one descenting voice. Moderator and Executive Producer Loeb pretty much told the guy to sit down, and that this was a celebration. My thoughts — it was a giant advertisement for the HEROES DVD and nbc.com. But perhaps I’m just a little too cynical.

  • Josh

    Being that you had to wait in line for a while to even get into the Heroes panel, doesn’t it make sense that it would be mostly diehard fans there? And being that they’re diehard fans, there’s a good chance they don’t agree with you about the finale. Not everyone thinks it was “lackluster.”

  • Actually I believe the majority of the fans thought the finale was lackluster. That said, even a more critical fanboy such as myself was swept up in the excitement and energy of the HEROES panel. I certainly wouldn’t have had the guts to bring up anything negative in a room full of 4000 HEROES fans.

  • Ouch. Your right, we may have missed the HEROES panel but we didn’t want to miss the PUSHING DAISIES panel. And who was the dedicated TV blogger who spent all day at the zoo instead of the TV panels? Hmm? Hmm? LOL!! Glad to see you back home in one piece.

  • GMMR, Having finally seen PUSHING DAISIES…. I have to say, it would have almost been worth it to skip everything to see the cast of P.D. What an amazing show.

  • How dare you!