Tonight on TV: Boycott THE NINE

Its not often that we at ask a favor of our loyal readers. In fact, short of pleading with you to help SAVE EVERWOOD, we’re pretty sure that throughout our year and a half history, we’ve never asked you for anything. Today all that changes.

Tonight at 10PM, ABC will start to burn off the final episodes of its short-lived series THE NINE. No doubt many of you, like our friend Jennifer (of TubeTalk fame) are excited about the show’s long-awaited return. Unfortunately, we’ve got some bad news for you. As a result of the show’s swift cancellation, there will be no closure and no happy ending for fans of THE NINE. The mystery of THE NINE will remain just that — a mystery. With no chance of discovering what really happened during the show’s fifty-two hour stand-off.

With that in mind, we would like to take this opportunity to ask you to not watch the show tonight. It’s time we sent a message to the networks that they can’t simply yank away our favorite shows and expect us to tune back in whenever they feel like airing them. At the very least, ABC should have followed NBC’s footsteps and given THE NINE enough notice to wrap up its story properly (see: KIDNAPPED on DVD). It’s what the fans deserved.

Acting today will help ensure that fantastic new shows like PUSHING DAISIES don’t fall victim to ABC’s far-to-quick cancellation finger. After-all, star DAISIES Lee Pace only has the power to bring ‘people’ back from the dead — not quirky romantic dramedies.

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  • Linda B.

    Did the writers not have an ending planned? Not giving us one makes it sound like they didn’t. I was a big fan of Reunion a few years ago, and even though the show got pulled abruptly (thanks FOX), the writers still released a synopsis of who the killer was going to turn out to be. Don’t see why that can’t happen here.

  • Linda, While I assume the creators of THE NINE had an ending in mind for the show — they didn’t get to film it. I imagine, like REUNION, we’ll have to learn how THE NINE would have ended via an online interview. One thing is certain — you won’t find out how the show ended by watching it on TV. So Don’t bother tuning in 🙂

  • I don’t think its so much boycotting as “I can’t be bothered anymore” because it’s been so long and I know half the cast has already signed onto other things, and ABC (or any other network, though Fox, CBS and NBC are far worse actually) pushing my limits, even though I liked the show to begin with.

  • Vance, thanks for stopping by — it’s been a while. Yeah boycott is a bit of a strong word, but hey, it makes a catchy title. Really your “don’t bother” philosophy is better.

  • Linda B.

    I just realized there are 10 people in that picture.

  • plinstrot

    there’s a problem with your logic. ABC would most likely rather not air these episodes at all. the only reason they are is to apease the fans who have been clamoring for the netowrk to air them. boycotting this will only cause the networks to not air the remaining episodes of canceled shows.

    P.S. The Nine is not and never was Lost. the ‘mystery’ was not some big reveal but just character moments that would show us how these people changed. any explanation of what would happen in an interview would not do any justice to the actual show.

  • Yes, but if I remember correctly, one of the characters died during the pilot.

  • Well, I love reading your blog still but I’ve been too jealous over Comic Con that I didnt comment to make sure I dont sound bitter. haha!

  • lisa

    I have been looking forward to “The Nine” even though I’m sure I’ll be disappointed. I live in Minneapolis and as you know a bridge collapsed here yesterday. The local news coverage preempted all TV. Does anyone know how I can watch last night’s episode?

  • Lisa, You can watch episodes on

  • Hey TV Addict, thanks for the mention! Yes, I enjoyed this show when it was on, so I hope they give us some resolution. If not, wasting an hour watching Tim Daly and Scott Wolf is not a bad way to spend the evening.

    I hope fans of the show don’t boycott. It could set a bad precedent that when shows are canned mid-story, fans won’t get to see the remaining episodes. (R.I.P Drive.)

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