Ever More Reason to Love WEEDS


Just in case the brilliant writing and all-star cast weren’t enough, creator Jenji Kohan just gave you one more reason to love WEEDS.

In a recent interview with AdAge, Kohan was asked to respond to the fact the first three episodes of the upcoming season were leaked onto numerous torrent sites.

“Revenue aside, I don’t expect to get rich on ‘Weeds,'” she said, sounding downright jubilant. “I’m excited it’s out there. Showtime is great, but it does have a limited audience. If I had my druthers, the whole thing would be available right now.”

Can you say ‘best answer ever’? Rather than spew the standard Hollywood diatribe threatening legal action and calling TV fans criminals, Kohan and Showtime actually seem to get it. Episodes made available online do not hurt the bottom line. They simply help build buzz, generate viewers and in the end, make the shows we love more successful. How long until the rest of Hollywood catches on?

The third season of WEEDS premieres in one week. on August 13 at 10PM followed by the series premiere of David Duchovny’s new show CALIFORNICATION. Can’t wait that long, you can watch it on Showtime’s web site for free by clicking here (password: Mondays).

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  • nctodc

    First three episodes? Try, the first four.

  • Any Weeds writers? The new Weeds official writing event is another reason to love Weeds. It’s called Silas Wanted: A Weeds Fan Challenge. A summary is below and it just launched on Friday. Deadline for submissions is Monday, Aug. 13 at 4:20 p.m.

    With his Mom in a “sticky” business situation, a raging lunatic neighbor at his throat, a truck full of weed and the five-oh in his face, what’s Silas going to do? Write a story or script with your take on how he gets out of his situation.

    You can check it out at http://SilasWanted.FanLib.com

  • josh

    Just finished episode 4 of season 3. Not much of a set up but from what I understand the season gets going after that. I would never have seen this show if not for torrents and now I’m hooked. I hate TV but this if finally something good. I love the way they make pot laws seem like a joke. I’m glad someone is getting that out there and maybe someday people will get their heads out their butts.