Monday’s TV News Round Up

Proving yet again that SMALLVILLE’S officially run out of ideas. SCI FI Wire is reporting that former SuperGirl Helen Slater has signed on to appear in the sixth episode of SMALLVILLE’S upcoming season. We think it goes without saying that if Krypto (the SuperDog) gets anywhere near the Kent farm, this TV Addict’s officially done with the show.

Who knew there were so many ordinary people with extraordinary power secretly roaming the planet. TVGuide is reporting that David Anders (Sark from ALIAS) has officially been bumped to series regular status after the powers that be were pleased with his initial guest star stint. Anders addition to HEROES brings the ever-expanding cast to at least fifteen. Which can mean only one thing. We wouldn’t get too attached to any of the new second season heroes anytime soon. No doubt Sylar’s going to be sent on an opening season rampage (at the request of NBC’s budget department).

Turns out ABC is just realizing that it takes more than an incredibly good looking cast to make a hit show. TV Guide is reporting that VERONICA MARS mastermind Rob Thomas has been brought on board to BIG SHOTS as a consulting producer. Needless to say, if Rob Thomas can make Michael Vartan, Dylan McDermott, Christopher Titus and Joshua Malina sound as smart as Kirsten Bell — give this man an Emmy.

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