Got A Questions for KYLE XY’S Matt Dallas?

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Attention KYLE XY Fans. The TV Addict has just booked a last minute interview with Kyle himself Matt Dallas. Got a question you’ve been dying to ask Matt? Post away, before 2PM (eastern) today in the comments below. And just so you don’t waste any valuable bandwith, Matt’s already proven he’s got a belly button!

UPDATE: The interview was just rescheduled for later in the week, so feel free to continue to post your Matt Dallas Questions.

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  • katen

    Do you have any other projects coming up besides Kyle XY?

  • Rae

    Hey you… I was supposed to do an interview with Matt today as well but now have fires at work that I can’t put out easily so I’m have to cancel mine. So, I have a few questions from a readerr and, as I can’t ask them myself, I’m passing them along to you. Even if you don’t use ’em, I’ll be sure to link her here so she can read your interview. 🙂

    “Probably my most burning question is more for the producers – I would love to know how they get away with some of their more risque episode themes like homosexuality or boners at 8pm on ABC Family. But for Matt specifically… Maybe the differences in shooting season 2 versus season 1 both in terms of the show being more established as a success, and in terms of the changes to Kyle as a character. The show hits a really wide spectrum of relationships (friendships, romances, families) – which are a few of his favorite character relationships? What’s the hardest part about playing someone superhuman like Kyle? What drew him to the show in the first place? And of course… Is he at the point where he never wants to see another Sour Patch Kid ever again yet?”

  • Liz

    Hey TV Addict, haven’t been on the site for a while, but thought I’d stop by and send you this link for the Moonlight trailer: Truthfully, i’m only going to watch the series because of Jason Dohring.

  • Liz

    Oh, and here’s the Real OC: Newport Harbor trailer as well:

  • Jay Potter

    Hey Matt Dallas is there going to be a season 3 in Kyle XY?

  • Cassandra

    I’ve read in some of your other interviews that you took guitar lessons for season two. In the season two episode “Balancing Act” you played Pachelbel’s Canon in D on the guitar. How long did it take you to master that and how was it like learning it for the show?

  • CC

    How is the addition of Jesse working out with the cast?

    What has been your favorite storyline so far?

    What do you see for Kyle in the future?

    Do you ever think we’ll ever see Kyle go bad?

  • Katurni17

    Hey Matt. What you can tell us about the future of the Kyle/Amanda relationship. I love the storyline and I keep wanting more. Also, how are the relationships off-set?

  • Sheindie

    Sheindie asks: Is there any indication that the ABC network, other than
    ABC Family, will restart the showing of episodes, since not every household has cable t.v. Also, will Kyle XY continue as a summer program, although this is a show I would love to see year round. The acting and the story lines draw you in and pack an emotional punch. Thanks Matt for taking on this role, and for sending me your autographed photo.

  • Aunti Kadie

    Matt–This may have been asked before, but where did you go inside yourself, or what did you tap into to reflect the persona of Kyle in the pilot episode? Especially that muffin scene, that was so sublime. I really appreciated your acting, and it was at that point that I wanted to adopt you. LOL, Thank you for what you have given the viewing community.

    Also, any plans to star soon in something that is not meant to scare the pants off of me, so I can go see it?

  • Harmony

    The romance between Kyle and Amanda has been heating up this season, a lot of things has been happening between them two, such as: kissing, holding, dancing and flirting. My question is, how does acting in love on set translate to off set? Do you and Kristen Prout consider yourselve’s close friends? Also, how does it feel to only act as if you are both in love, and how do you prepare yourself emotionaly when the scene is beying acted out? For example: what goes through your mind in order to get the same effect of being in love on camera with someone who probably isn’t that close to you off camera?

  • Martin

    Matt you are the coolest guy man you are one of a kind!!!!! I like Kyle XY very much so i wanted to ask you is there going to be a season 3 i watched season 2!! When i can t watch Kyle XY my life is a black hole i live in a stupid country!!!!! And you are my favourite star please make Kyle XY you are The BEST,THE BEST!!!! Your smile evreything man you are perfect star!!!!!!!You are my hero my life is nothing without Kyle XY!!!!!!! We trust in MATT!!!!!

  • Cara

    Hey, my question is how much your life has changed when you read the comments that people have said about you and have you gotten any threats yet?

  • Christine

    My questions: With Kyle XY as a midseason show…and you’ve done two movie projects…how do you fill in the rest of the time??? What do you do if you’re not working? How long of a break between projects do you have to yourself?

  • Jay Potter

    I forgot to say this JUICE ME my favorite qoute from you Matt Dallas!

  • Z


    I heard that you were once on an episode of Gilmore Girls. Is that true? What other projects like that did you do before Kyle XY?


  • Elle

    what’s it like working with the cast of Kyle XY?

  • cindy

    1.Do you have a girlfreind yet??
    2.wWll there be a season 3 ok kyle xy??
    3.Do you still model??
    4.Any other projects in the way besides kyle xy??

  • Martin

    Matt you are so cool are you making Kyle XY Season 3 it s the coolest show on TV.All of my friends are crazy about Kyle XY.We all want to see kyle xy season 3 it s the best and you matt are a very cool guy.All of the the people in the movie are cool.And i want to tell you that Jeamie Alexander Is very hot..I like her very much.But you are a very good actor very good.You are the best Matt the BEST!!!!!

  • Martin

    And does Jeamie have a boyfriend tell me and if you can tell me where can i write to her!!!!And you are the man!!!The best actor man the bast!!

  • Hi Matt! I have a bunch of questions but I can’t seem to think of them all right now so I’ll just toss you the ones I can think of.

    1. Even though you’re still filming Season 2, is there any word on a Season 3 of the show yet? Or any word on a Season 2 DVD set?
    2. The fans thought that you had pretty much been done with the pink goo after the first episode in Season 1. What was it like getting back into that for Ghost In The Mirror in Season 2? Can we expect more of the pink goo from both Kyle and Jessie??
    3. What other projects do you have in the works? Will we be seeing you on the big screen soon?
    4. You can act and you can dance…but can you sing??? Any chance of us hearing so?
    5. Do you still have the time occassionally to get online and check out what fans are saying about you and the show? If so, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve read about yourself? Ever send fans a surprise email?
    6. Rumor has it that there was going to be a break for a few months this season. Is there still going to be a part two of Season 2? If so, when can we expect part 2 to start airing?

    Thanks for reading!

  • CC

    This isnt really for Matt, but does anyone know WHY they break up the season into two parts? They’re going to stop soon and show the rest in Jan. It’s soooo infuriating.

  • Morgan Knibbs

    Hey Matt!!!
    I just love your show it’s so cool. How is your doggie doing? Is he behaving himself? Have you ever gone great lengths to surprise one of your fans for their birthday for instance. I am turning 26 years old on my birthday which is November 25th and it would be so cool if I could meet you. I want to vote for you for the Teen Choice Award who do I do that?

  • Aunti Kadie


    I’ve heard you speak of your family, how is your grandmother and the rest of your family? I hope they are all enjoying good health. You are the oldes of 4 boys, right? Any plans for the othe 3 to follow in your footsteps?

    And answer that question in regards to singing? Do you, and will you do so on KXY?

    Has Oprah called you? If she does, be sure and put it on the web site so we can all tune in! She’ll just love you!

  • Hey,

    “What is your most prized possesion?”

    “will kyle xy be getting picked up for another season?”

  • Shon

    It’s probably too late for the interview, but I want to know if Matt doesn’t like sports, or if he just likes acting more. Which team does he root for? Phoenix Suns? (I’m a Mav’s fan)

    When will he do another television interview. I love to watch the Youtube interviews but I want more!

    I look forward to the next season of Kyle XY! I loved Buffy and Angel and this show is a great dose of new Sci-Fi!

  • Janey

    Hi Matt!
    I love the show so much! Do you have any favorite bands or songs that are featured in the episodes that you like to listen to?
    When are we ever going to see your movies?
    Do you ever get a vacation?!! Where do you like to hang out when you are not working?

  • Cassandra

    I thought of a few more…

    1. I’ve seen pictures of you wearing glasses and that lead me to wonder if you wear clear contacts on a regular basis?
    2. Was there a scene that you particularly disliked filming (besides any scenes involving pink goo)? A least favorite moment?
    3. Would you ever consider portraying an evil character in any future roles?

  • Jasmine

    Is Jessi going to be in the next season or is this a one season thing?

  • Nic

    I love your show so much
    1. Will there be a third season for kyle xy?
    2. Do you have a girlfriend?
    3. Do you have a prized posetion, if so what is it?

  • jackie

    1.will kyle be evil during the seasons? would u like 2 see the kyle xy series end?

  • Lindsay

    1. What religion are you?
    2. Are you single?
    3. What do you look for in a soulmate?
    4. Who are you the closest to in the cast?
    5. How many more seasons do you think “Kyle XY” will last?
    6. What similarities and differences do you have compared to Kyle?
    7. Is the cast expected to go on a country tour anytime soon to do meet-and-greets?
    8. Are you an introvert or extrovert?
    9. On set, do you ever get to talk to the extras?
    10. Would you like to have a chatroom on your site with you going in once a month to talk to fans?

  • Hey Matt,

    When as a kid did you always want to go into acting or did you have something else in mind if so what?

    Great job with the show good luck with everything you have a lot of talent 🙂


  • Andrea

    Some more questions…

    What’s your favorite non-Sour Patch candy?

    If you hadn’t been an actor/model, what do you think would be your dream career?


    Do you have a favorite video game? How about a favorite site?

    I think those are all the questions I have for now…

  • Daya

    I posted this much earlier, but for some reason, it didn’t show up:

    What does Matt think of J. Eddie Peck, who plays Adam Baylin? Do they acknowledge their resemblance or deny it?

    If Matt could have any role in the media world [TV, movies, etc.], what would it be?

  • Cally Krizizke

    1. What is the hardest thing that you have ever done? (weather it was on the show or off set)
    2. Do you do all of your own stunts or does someone do them for you?

  • Veronica

    Hey, Matt! Greetings from Croatia!

    First of all, let me say, I love your show and think you are doing an amazing job portraiting Kyle.

    1. Can you give us some scoop on upcoming episodes of Kyle XY?
    2. Who is your idol?
    3. What was the weirdest or funniest request that has been made towards you?
    4. What is the first concert you’ve been to?
    5. What was it like for you while doing your first Hollywood project?
    6. What is the one thing you can do and nobody knows ’bout (singing, dancing, etc.)?
    7. What was it like when you first started working on “Kyle XY”?
    8. Do you have any actors or actress’ you would love to do projects with in the future?

    Thank you, hope you’ll answer some of my questions!

    Love, Veronica

  • Ali

    I just wanted to know (like everybody else 🙂 ) if there was going to be a season three of kyle xy.
    PS: I love this show!

  • Sheindie

    Which episode was your favorite and why

  • Megan

    I am the biggest kyle xy fan ever and everyone (family/friends/teachers/everyone) knows! I watched the “Hands on the hybrid” episode last night and when it said “stay tuned for scenes for next weeks show” They said it was the season finale?? Please tell me there is a season three!!! Things that I have noticed/ and or have questions

    Andy and Josh have a good possibility getting together
    Amanda and Kyle might break up? 🙁
    Foss is abtucted to madacorp
    Nicole is figuring out the connection between kyle and jessi?
    Jessi is like kyle and wants answers
    Kyle is going to run away?
    Lori knows the person who attacked her

    This show is the best and I love Kyle XY so much!!!!!!!!!

  • Aunti Kadie

    There isn’t going to be an interview, is there? You just wanted to see how many people would come here and ask questions, right? That is very not nice and unfair. At the least, you could give an update as to why there is a delay. That would be more business-like and fan friendly.

  • Just in case you all didn’t know, the KYLE XY interview was posted quite a while ago at the following link. [Please stop submitting questions!]

  • Ellie

    All i want to know if Amanda is going to be ok and if you are going to save her because that would be cool.

  • LoveKyleXY

    Hey Matt I absolutely love Kyle XY and I’m wondering if it will be a season 3. Please answer me ’cause I love you. Bye!

  • hey matthew for the next season how’s about a sweet haircut man shave it off if necessary and maybe you and the character can maybe get a little stomach on both of you you all are too skinny and pale maybe get some tan on you and kyle show off the belly button more often don’t hide it behind the bushel be more shirtless man i love the character kyle and you so much it about kills me keep up the good work matthew and kyle see you both next season

  • zacefronsboo22

    matt dallas is soooooooooooooooooo HOTTT!!!

  • Tamiris

    Matt Dallas and is a great actor, is also very beautiful! Here in Brazil it is the greatest success! I love Thank him! Gente… Here in Brazil is still in first … but here are saying that only two seasons … Will have a third?
    Must have … We can not be without this wonderful series .. much less without Matt .. What is beautiful, wonderful, good youth!
    I love Kyle XY and the very love Matt!

  • staceykee51

    Does Matt Dallas has a girlfriend?