DEGRASSI Student Transfers to Broadway

On again off again DEGRASSI bad boy Sean Cameron is about to end up in the last place fans would have ever expected — Broadway.

The TV Addict is thrilled to report first that actor Daniel Clark will soon be trading in his signature wife-beater for threads more befitting an 1890’s German high school student. Word is that Clark is set to make his Broadway debut in the Tony Award winning musical SPRING AWAKENING come January 2008.

While SPRING AWAKENING will mark Clark’s Broadway debut, fans may be surprised to learn that it will not be his first musical experience. Clark started his career as ‘Chip’ in Toronto’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.

Don’t believe that DEGRASSI’S most notable juvenile deliquent started his career off as a singing tea cup. Check back tomorrow for some photographic evidence.

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  • Jen

    AS WHO????

  • He’s taking over for one of the two male leads. But my ‘source’ wasn’t 100% sure which one, not being familiar with the show — so I didn’t want to just guess!

  • Shannon

    With this mean Daniel is leaving Degrassi or is this something he’s doing during there hiatus? Have the finished filming season 7 yet?

  • I’m pretty confident in saying (although not 100%) that Daniel will not be appearing in the upcoming seventh season of DEGRASSI.

  • BS

    This is F**cking disgusting. Bitch better not be any of the two leads or I’m going to choke someone. Srsly. Stick with your TV show, buddy.

  • Alice

    Oh, Jesus Christ. I hope to God this isn’t true. Spring Awakening is my favorite musical.

  • rtms

    Actually he is returning for Season 7 TV Addict, they are filming season 7 right now until the end of December which means he has lots of time for both projects.

  • alex

    guys this means that whoever that male lead is will probably transfer to the tour, and then everyone around the country can see him.

    or i’m just getting my hopes up…

  • loves

    no. neither Jgroff or Jgalls would join the tour. They are WAY above that. this better be a rumor.

  • Grace

    This is awful, this teen drama television ‘star’ does not belong in Spring Awakening. Not only does he not fit either mortiz or melchior’s part, but tv actors need to stop trying to act on broadway, theres a huge difference.

  • loves – there was a time when Broadway stars gladly hit the road to share with the country their Broadway role. But I guess that was in the “Golden Age” when actors conducted themselves with grace and performing for the public i.e their fans, no matter where, was NEVER beneath them.

  • ALi

    I think he will make a good actor

  • I cant wait, Im soooo going to see him when hes in broadwayy =]

  • Lotte


    Have you meet J. Groff or J. Gallagher? If they don’t want to do the tour- it doesn’t mean it’s because they think it’s BENEATH them. Don’t just a book by it’s cover. These guys are the two sweetest guys you’d ever meet. And now, it’s not just a cover. Not every actor is a bitch. I’m tired of people thinking that.

    Did one of them say they wanted to stay with SA until they kicked them out or until they got to old?

    I agree with the TV-> Broadway comment. This is just plain weird.

  • HayHay

    Okay, NO ONE is above anyone. Yes, JGalls and Groff are very very amazing, but they are both some of the humblest guys ever. A lot of people have gone from Broadway to Tours, even leads. So..if they were going to do that, I think it’s great. But they probably won’t, just because there are other things that they have besides Spring Awakening. JGalls has Old Springs Pike, Groff probably has something cooking up.
    You never know, but I doubt it.

  • Julia

    I’m pretty interested to see if he can handle the stage, i wouldn’t pass judgment on him just yet because lets face it there aren’t the greatest writers on that show and maybe with the right direction he could be great

  • DegrassiJB

    ive never seen Spring Awakening, but i went ot the Spring Awakening and Degrassi Live Verbal Mash-up, and i have one of their songs on my ipod, teh one they played there n on the-n, (The Bitch of Living) and i wasnt planning on seeing it, im not really a musical person, lol, but if Daniels there, so am I, lol I cant wait to see him, the only bad thing is that kinda confirms hes leaving Degrassi, cuz first Seans joining teh army, so now Daniels coming to NY,

  • nufffi

    I really feel that it’s unfair that all you people are judging Daniel Clark like this. I know that he is a good actor and if poeple like you would give him a chance you would see that. Degrasi may not be the best show ever to you but it does deal with the same things that SA does. There are big broadway starts out there that have made thier start on television. He’s just just trying to make his jump from the screen to the stage. Don’t knock his hustle, okay?

  • Back up a second. I’m as big a fan of Spring Awakening as the next comment, but I think this kid deserves a chance, at least. None of us will think he can exactly live up TOTALLY to Groff or Gallagher in those two roles, but he could at least do a decent job. It’s like how Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth will always be the original Elphaba and Galinda in Wicked; original casts will almost always be hard to follow up. I think if Daniel Clark has the balls to take on a lead in as controversial a play as S.A., let him. He could be as good a Melchior or Moritz as the next audition.

  • Joanna

    have u guys heard his song? its on his real myspace if u can find it. he really is any amazing singer. as for the whole musical…should be interesting to see him in it. i really think he could do it.

  • Trysh

    as much as i love Degrassi, Daniel Clark could not be Melchior or Moritz. they’re also thinking of trying him as Hanschen but that would be worse. it would just be awkward and weird. personally, i love SA and i think that Daniel would ruin it for everyone. i don’t think he belongs there in the slightest. i could be wrong but i’ll just have to see it for myself.

  • Maura

    Is there any new info on this? i’ve been looking all around the net and there are pretty much no other places that have verified it, not even the offical site.

    I love SA with all my heart,and degrassi too, so i hope that Daniel can fill the very big shoes that he will have to fill.

  • daisy

    Umm…did you guys know that Daniel actually began his career in broadway? Chill out, give him a chance. Actually I dont even think this is true because I haven’t heard anything about it since.