SYTYCD: Move Over Twyla Broadway Needs Mia

theTHEATREaddict here with a somewhat television related post. Last year I tuned into the second season of So You Think You Can Dance. I am not a huge dance fan but as a lover of musicals I do appreciate excellent choreography. The show captivated me with all the different styles of dance, the insane talent of choreographers and dancers and for once the very informative comments of a reality television judging panel. I also have to admit that watching Cat Deeley and listening to her say “Your Judges” is also enormously appealing.

Many of the dancers have experience doing musicals on a community theatre or Broadway level. Take for example this year’s member of the Top 6 Neil Haskell who performed in The Times They Are A-Changin. Surprisingly it is the Broadway numbers on the show that I dislike the most and the Modern Dance pieces I am captivated by. I never considered myself a fan of Modern Dance but I loved Bill T. Jones work in Spring Awakening and thought the type of dance was the perfect outlet for the angst and emotion of the show.

Well now I have fallen in love with a new Modern Dance choreographer and that is the amazing Mia Michaels. I am in awe of the work she creates and I tune in each week hoping to see a Mia Michaels number. Her work is powerful, theatrical, emotional and so incredible to watch. She has the talent to create pieces that connect via the medium of television. I can only imagine watching her work live in person. I was wowed by last year’s park bench (for which she received an Emmy nomination) routine and this year’s tribute to her late father. Last night Danny and Lauren danced another passionate and intricate piece choreographed by her that gave me chills.

Her resume includes choreographing Hello Dolly at the Papermill Playhouse last year and a regional production of West Side Story. I hope some Broadway producer has the savvy to hire her to reinvent a classic musical or breathe life into a new one.

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  • I’m glad The TV Addict is showing the love for SYTYCD. Mia Michaels is a genius. I have a number of her routines on my site including The Bench Dance. If you can find it you should def check out the “Why” dance by Ivan Koumaev and Alison Holker from Season 2…AMAZING!!

  • I forgot the “Why” dance Ivan was incredible in that.