Thursday’s TV Headlines: Mad Men, Mika and Montana

AMC’s fantastic new scripted drama MAD MEN is so realistic that it should come with a Surgeon’s General Warning. Is anyone else completely amazed at how much smoking went on amongst the mad men of madison avenue in the 1960’s? For a break from the endless tedium that is summer reality TV, tune into a new episode of MAD MEN tonight at 10PM on AMC.

If you’re a fan of up-and-coming artist MIKA, Click here to find out how you can get VIP ACCESS to see a live performance on tomorrow’s installment of GOOD MORNING AMERICA. If you attend, be sure to fill in this uber-trendy TV Addict as to whether Mika’s a guy or a girl. (Seriously, who’s Mika? Am I that old already?)

Miley Cyrus and her alter ego Hannah Montana have just announced a 54-date tour launching October 18 in St. Louis. Which begs the obvious question… Will reigning Disney Queen Miley Cyrus go the way of fellow Mousekateers Shia LeBeouf, Justin Timberlake, Hilary Duff and Raven Symone. Or end up in-and-out of rehap ala Lindsay Lohan. Place your bets.

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    Surgeon’s General warning for Mad Men indeed. My favorite part last week was when the incredibly pregnant neighbor was both drinking a mint julep and smoking at the same time. But guess what, people born and raised with mother’s who did that, they almost all turned out okay. I liked the scene in Ep 2 where the wife crashed with the kids crawling all over the car as well. The back window was one of the best places to ride before lawyers and bureaucrats got involved.

  • How can you not know Mika? Have you been under a rock where there is no way to hear his music? Did you not see his performance on So You Think You Can Dance a week or so back? Run, don’t walk, to get his album. With a little luck, you can learn all the words to Grace Kelly or Big Girls Are Beautiful in time to be considered hip by… well, someone, I’m sure!

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