Fun with Headlines: FLASH GORDON Edition

The most unfortunate thing about SCI FI’s re-imagined take on FLASH GORDON isn’t that it fails to live up to the network’s previous re-imagination — BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. Rather, it’s that the show’s title makes it far too easy a target for negative headlines. Here’s a few of our favorites:

‘Flash Gordon’ Missing the Flash — SyFy Portal

‘Flash Gordon’ not out of this world — Newsday

‘Flash Gordon’ Fizzles — The Tampa Tribute

You’ll pan this ‘Flash’ as soon as you see it — USA Today

Lost in Space — NY Post

Super zero: ‘Flash Gordon’ likely to pass quicker than speed of light — Boston Herald

Poor writing leaves ‘Flash Gordon’ grounded — Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Proving yet again the art of subtlety is lost on The Hollywood Reporter comes, “Flash Gordon” remake a little ridiculous. With the award for least flashy headline going to’s ‘The Plain Dealer’. Who gives us, ‘Sci Fi Channel brings back Flash Gordon.’ (well duh!) That said, the newspaper does have the word ‘plain’ in the title. We probably shouldn’t have expected anything flashy.

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  • mrwillia

    The sad thing is that SCIFI has/had a very good show with The Dresden Files. They haven’t made a decision to renew yet. Maybe with the bad press this is getting, it will cause SCIFI to renew a show worth watching.

  • KayDee

    Hate to break the news to mrwillia, but “The Dresden Files” has been officially canceled by the Scifi Channel, and I agree, there was more substance and potential to Dresden than Flash. But I didn’t find “Flash” as pathetic as many of the media critics seemed to. While the pilot episode didn’t overwhelm me, it didn’t have me changing the station either. And remember, the initial episode of Dresden airied by Scifi wasn’t anything to shout about either. While I’ll probably tune in for “Flash” over the next month if I’m home, it will quickly fall by the wayside when “Moonlight” and “Numb3rs” premier in September!