Couch Tater Says: BBC’s BABYLON Is Worth Checking Into

HOTEL BABYLON is a five-star guilty pleasure aimed at those who find the sinfully salacious FOOTBALLERS WIVES a tad too subtle. Just how over-the-top is the series, set in an upscale London hotel and currently airing its debut season on BBC-America Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET? Well, the premiere featured a transvestite, a deflated blow-up doll and talk of guests urinating on the property… all within the first 15 minutes. We view the action through the eyes of head receptionist Charlie, who is hoping to be made deputy manager under general manager Rebecca Mitchell. By the end of the pilot, he’s achieved exactly that thanks to his wily ways. We’re told that the hotel is something of a land-locked FANTASY ISLAND, where guests can come and spend a whole lot of money to live out their wildest fantasies. Not surprisingly, the premise might summon up in some viewers memories of another Aaron Spelling offering, but BABYLON has more in common with LAS VEGAS than HOTEL. From the splashy opening credits and fast-paced scripts to the sexy, mood-setting music and quirky cast, this is trash of the highest order… and that’s meant as a compliment.

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