Following an exhaustive search, CRIMINAL MINDS has found their Mandy Patinkin replacement. Announced Executive Producer Ed Bernero, “We are very excited to tell you all that Michael Keaton, Geena Davis, Harvey Keitel Joe Mantegna is officially joining the cast of CRIMINAL MINDS. Thanks for hanging with us, everyone.”

In other casting news, CRIMINAL MINDS former timeslot competitor may be headed towards the same complex casting situation. After failing to sign VERONICA MARS’ leading lady Kristen Bell, who according to Michael Ausiello did not want to relocate to Hawaii (bad movie Kristen, Hollywood’s #1 rule, never turn down work). LOST execs are left to continue the search for their mysterious new ‘other’. May we humbly suggest former MARS guest stars Keri Lynn Pratt or Jesse Schram.

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  • close to it

    actually, the number one rule for actors in demand is chose your projects wisely. you might also think about why she would not want to relocate—-think: other work opportunities.

  • Oh, excellent! I love him! 😀

  • This makes me upset. I have a feeling it really has to do with Bell’s film career about to blow up, however.

  • I really hope her choice wasn’t based on a film career. The days of Film being far superior than TV are over. It’s my belief that actors should choose project based on quality, not on whether they’re film or TV vehicles. Look at how fantastic TV’s doing this summer — DAMAGES, RESCUE ME, BIG LOVE, ENTOURAGE. And as much as I love Kristen Bell — her film choices haven’t exactly taken off. Did anyone see PULSE aka generic horror movie?

  • Common Sense

    I believe Kristen just shot a movie in Hawaii with Josh Radnor, so maybe she has a better feel for what it’s like being there on an extended basis. Still…..”not wanting to re-locate to frakkin HAWAII??” To star in the most-talked about cult-favorite on TV?? KB, hope you know what you’re doin’. High-profile TV shows keep your face in front of the public every week. Sadly, I just don’t see a breakout film career for you. Maybe I’ll be wrong. But take the TV gig with J.J., Damon & Carlton when it’s offered, and look for more doors to open up a bit later.

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  • Linda B.

    Yes, i saw Pulse. I was not impressed.

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