JOHN FROM CINCINNATI Thankfully Comes to a Close

Having just finishing the season (hopefully series) finale of HBO’s JOHN FRON CINCINNATI I’m left speechless. Did David Milch lose a bet? Was the entire series some sort of sick joke? A final screw you, greenlit by recently ousted network president Chris Albrecht? Seriously folks — someone, anyone, please tell me what the frak was going on in tonight’s finale (or the entire series for the matter.) Surely I’m not the only TV Addict who just didn’t get it.

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  • Donkey Kid

    Focus less on the “what” and more on the “what it makes you feel.”

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    All I know is that this was 10 hours I’ll never get back.

  • Linda B.

    Never watched it, but according to, it has been cancelled.

  • Linda B…. I can’t beleive you blog cheated on me! Visiting thefutoncritic — OMG! 🙂 But seriously, thanks for the heads up. Needless to say it doesn’t come as a surprise. Yet one can’t help but wonder… what was the real deal with John… did he REALLY come from CINCINNATI.

  • Mike McCabe

    HBO has not confirmed that he show has been cancelled. It’s a rumor that was just recently spun up. The last episode was JUST on last Sunday.

  • Linda B.

    TVa, i’m so sorry. I guess you won’t be picking one of my questions now 🙁

  • It was mis-marketed by HBO, I think. When I saw the previews for John from Cincinnati, I did not think this was a show I would like, and I liked (really liked) Carnivale and Deadwood. A co-worker told me he liked the show, so I decided to play catch up with Comcast On Demand. I’m said to hear that HBO is not renewing it, and I’m going to cancel my subscription and switch to Showtime. I’m sick of HBO not finishing their weird and quirky series in a better fashion.

  • Andrew L.

    You are an f-ing idiot. You didn’t like the show because you’re too pathetically stupid to appreciate and understand it. John From Cincinnati was a great show and should be continued. If you agree, go to