An Open Letter to Showcase

weeds showcase canada

Dear Showcase,

Starting this evening at 10PM, our American friends will begin enjoying the third season of WEEDS on Showtime. While myself and fellow Canadian TV Addicts will have to wait until OCTOBER 2007 for the same privilege.

As a result of your lack of scheduling savvy, Canadian fans of WEEDS will be forced to avoid some of our favorite television web sites, blogs and message boards. All in an effort to ensure that the show isn’t spoiled for us whenever you get around to airing it.

How on earth can you continue to justify — especially in this modern era of digital distribution and online television — delaying a highly anticipated series for three months? Do you not grasp the fact that in the long run you’re only hurting your own network? Do you not realize that thousands of fans will simply take it upon themselves to watch the show online, thus lowering your ratings and eventually your bottom line?

Canadians will no longer stand for this ridiculous delay in airing American programming. Isn’t it time you started living up to your own network’s slogan? Television without borders, I think not.

Agree with the TV Addict? Let your voice be heard. Email Showcase at If you’re busy, feel free to copy and paste the above letter!

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  • Jeanette

    I am so sorry that they do that. How completely unfair! May I suggest downloading the first four episodes (which are currently available if you where to look) which I have already watched and have to say are pretty darn amazing. Find a way to get them and cancel your subscription to such an unworthy channel 🙂

  • plinstrot

    If you do download the episodes don’t feel bad, as the creator of the show as come out in suport of fans pirating her show, as it gets more people seeing her material.

  • Gabi

    I’ve seen the four first episodes too, and it’s really good 🙂

  • Peter

    Well I can understand you’re frustration about this, I work in television and I happen to know that this is not Showcase’s fault. This is due to contract issues. It’s not that they don’t want to air it right away, it’s that they aren’t allowed to air it until October because of Showtime in the States. So direct your angry letters at Showtime, not Showcase.