Now I know what you’re thinking, posting NBC’s PRIMETIME PREVIEW on Clearly someone’s being paid off. To that I say, “I WISH!” In fact, this posting of NBC’s PRIMETIME PREVIEW is a completely altruistic act. The simple fact of the matter is that I’m excited for each and every new show NBC has to offer. JOURNEYMAN, BIONIC WOMAN, CHUCK and LIFE all are great, and definitely worth checking out. Click the link below for the rest of NBC’S PRIMETIME PREVIEW.

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  • Josh

    Thanks for posting! It looks like NBC will remain my favorite network this fall. You can’t possibly top Thursday’s Comedy Night Done Right, but pairing Heroes and Chuck definitely comes close. Great lineups. Journeyman and Bionic Woman look promising as well, even with Isaiah Washington joining BW.

  • CC


  • CC

    I love Chuck! =]

  • Mike, JOURNEYMAN is fantastic… but I have a feeling it’s far too complicated for the average TV viewer.

  • JennyC

    I am loving Chuck. It is awesome, especially the actors. Great casting. I don’t know how they’ll keep the storyline up for a season or more. But I was a bit disappointed with the pilot of Bionic Woman. The story, I believe goes too quickly. It seems as if they are rushing things in the first episode. However I will give it another episode or two. I will say that the casting is great in this show as well.

  • Amy

    Chuck is fantastic, and I really hope it lasts. This and Pushing Daisies are my early favorites for the new season.

    Damien Lewis, I love you but please don’t fake your accents for interviews, you’re British! Speaking of, that’s British leads in Life, Bionic Woman and The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Either we’re taking over US TV, or networks are hoping for the next Hugh Laurie…