Legally Bell! Veronica Mars Headed to Broadway?

Apparently a stint on the EMMYS and a quick song on VERONICA MARS simply weren’t enough to quench Kristen Bell’s Broadway Ambition. Today, Michael Ausiello is reporting that the reason Kristen Bell turned down a season on LOST was because she’s hoping to take over for Tony nominated Laura Bell Bundy in the Broadway smash hit musical LEGALLY BLONDE come February 2008. Having seen LEGALLY BLONDE and loved it, this TV Addict only has this to say if this rumour becomes a reality, “OMG! and where do I buy tickets?”

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  • Seriously Daniel, seriously? Come on!! Broadway’s Legally Bold over ABC’s Lost?? I’m bitter…

  • Lost = multiple episodes + free
    Legally Blonde = 2 hour show + $$$

    I’d rather have her on Lost. 😛

  • Laura

    Though I was disappointed she won’t be on Lost I was also a little happy to hear it. I mean on Lost she won’t be the star and there will probably be episodes where she is rarely seen. I’d much rather her wait and be on a show where she is the main character again. As for Legally Blonde, I’d LOVE for her to be in it because then I would go to NYC and see the show! I love Kristen Bell and will watch her wherever she goes…

  • CC

    She would have been taken a lot more seriously if she were doing Lost….

  • Well, “quick song on VM”… has anyone seen REEFER MADNESS?

    Anyway… Lost>>>>>>Legally Blonde. I’m very disappointed ù_ù

  • miranda, thanks for the REEFER MADNESS mention. I was racking my brain for the name of her Showtime movie. I knew it had to do with weed, I just couldn’t for the life of me remember the name!

  • This isn’t Kristen’s first sting on Broadway, she played Becky Thatcher in “The Adventure of Tom Sawyer” and I believe she was in a Broadway version of “The Crucible” as well. Go kBell!!

  • Nicole

    I really don’t know if I have ever been more excited! That’s sad, I know, but if Kristen Bell really does do Legally Blonde, I know I’m going to New York to see her, no matter how much I have to nag my parents and no mater how much I have to pay to get a good seat. It will give me my VMars fix for a least a week and a half after seeing her in it. I hope she really does it! It would also give her a little bit of much needed buzz, and might help get her noticed by a ton of different people.

  • GMMR… my good friend theTHEATREaddict actually saw Kristen Bell in TOM SAWYER! He said she was excellent.

  • Veronica Mars singing in REEFER MADNESS: